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JLR Freelander2 offroad adventure video

Here's one more post on my LandRover Experience. Main purpose is to show you the video I made and share some additional photos

Watch the video below, which depicts what all off road  we tried during Landrover Experience in Chennai a week ago

While I am at it, let me share some more photos clicked at the venue..

This red RangeRover Evoque wasn't part of our convoy that did off roading-could have added some real colours to the otherwise boring combination of white, black, silver and gray coloured SUVs.

LandRover Defender: Defender is much more rugged and capable SUV compared to freelander. It compromises on luxury but compensates with its road taming abilities. Unfortunately Defender is not on sale in India. This old model was doing support duties during the drive and I am sure is one of vehicles used to do a recce.
Few customers drove in with their JLRs- This Jaguar XJ-L for example was long, majestic and inviting. Unfortunate that these were not for test drive.

With fellow bloggers Ashwini CN, Tinu Cherian, and Srinivasan Ethiraju


  1. Loved this post and coverage :) The beast looks more beast in Gopro :)

  2. Thanks. Note that Nikon was also used heavily along with gopro


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