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Felix River Kwai Resort, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Felix River Kwai is a luxury resort on the banks of historic river Kwai. It has over 255 rooms spread over 20 hectares (50 acres) of vast area. When we first went there, our bus too some circuitous path around Kanchanaburi and I couldn’t get its bearing- but later in the evening when we walked to River Kwai bridge, it was crystal cle Kwai Felix Resort is located behind the Chinese themed Buddhist temple that is located on the other side of River Kwai, near the famous bridge. 

We spent only one night at Felix River kwai resort, so we could explore only a little of its huge campus. Rooms were fine. Not too large but just the right size. Our rooms opened on the other side to River Kwai (Not right into it, separated by a walkway and small barrier. There are few other resorts around River Kwai which have their Balcony extending right into the river, such as floathouse where we were originally supposed to be staying, costs two times Felix or more)
Rooms at Felix River Kwai resort are classified generally as River Facing rooms and Garden facing rooms, which are priced at about 2600 THB and 2100 THB respectively (Indicative price, may vary by season and other factors) per night for 2 people. River facing rooms are charged a premium purely because of proximity to the historic river. Unless you’re very particular about relaxing by the riverside, even garden facing rooms should be just fine. The rates are pretty decent in my opinion.

Felix River Kwai has all the usual suspect facilities- pool, spa, gym. They do have lots of goods for team building activities and other corporate events
Adjacent to the resort is the Palin convention centre, in a separate building. Just like Dusit Thani Hua Hin, Felix also is an ideal location for weddings. In fact they hosted a dinner for us with wedding theme when we were there.

Sadly the River Kwai bridge is not visible from the Resort. Also be sure to keep the door closed, else insects from the river might enter your room.

December 2013, we’d stayed at River Kwai Resort in Kanchanaburi, which is a smaller campus and smaller rooms compared to Felix. But that was closer to the town.

Overall we didn't have opportunity for any complaints during our short stay. It seemed to be an affordable and luxurious stay in Kanchanaburi area. This year's River Kwai Sound and light festival is scheduled to happen between Nov 28 and Dec 4. Plan your visit to Kanchanaburi around this time.

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