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Bangalore-Hogenakkal from Karnataka side (Via Attibele-Denkanikottai-Anchetti)

My last 2 visits to Hogenakkal were from the regular route via Tamil Nadu side- Krishnagiri- Dharmapuri route. This route from Bangalore is much longer, heavily tolled and tourist vehicles will have to pay interstate permit fee. Still many prefer this route either because they are not familiar with the alternative or prefer highways to scenic country side routes.

There is another way to reach Hogenakkal from Bangalore. This one is much shorter and extremely scenic, but the road is narrower. I wanted to try this route from sometime and finally it materialized last weekend. From Bangalore I took Zoomcar’s XUV500, picked up friends who were interested in the trip and headed towards Hogenakkal, via Electronic city-Attibele-Denkanikottai-Anchetti-Hogenakkal route.

Internet reports suggested that 10-15 kms on this stretch were bad roads. I was mentally prepared for that. But the roads were very good, except a small stretch where we found construction work in progress. Another few weeks that should be covered too.

After Anchetti we encountered lots of hairpin pends and nice views. Road was single lane, but there was hardly any topic. We found a hillock temple, few small but colourful roadside temples etc. I recommend this route any day to the route on the highway, as it is also shorter by close to 50+kms when compared to traditional Hosur-Krishnagiri-Dharmapuri road.
Only disadvantage will be not having proper restaurants on the way. Around Attibele there are a few decent hotels, but they weren't open early in the morning. We had some food at a shop that was open. If you skip that, there aren't any decent restaurants along the route. Do pack some food.

Had we gone 2 months earlier, the route would have been much more greener and scenic, due to monsoon. Anyway, September was not bad.

While returning we took Hogenakkal-Anchetti-Anekal-Chandapura-Blr road. This was also very scenic. We could comfortably visit Hogenakkal, explore and return same day.

For more photos on Hogenakkal, pls check this post
Update: Watch a video in this post for some of the scenery and road conditions.

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  1. Must explore this route. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i loved this waterfall pic! awesome!

  3. Ankita: Glad you liked

    Niranjan: Do explore. It is nice

  4. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your inputs. I am planning to go tomorrow by my Honda City car. I guess you are taking diversion after Hosur.
    Is the road good (except for some patch u said) all the way through?


  5. We took diversion soon after attibele.. didn't reach Hosur.

    Road is good enough. Enjoy your trip

  6. Do you remember how much you paid for the road tax on the Zoomcar XUV?

  7. You mean interstate tourist vehicle permit fee? Not a single rupee, as there were no checkposts/counters to pay them...

  8. U have to pay road tax for TN as u have Entered TN.
    If found fines will be levied by TN State dept @ that time :)

  9. Yes, but they need to set up booths on the way. I can't go 200km off my course to pay tax.

    If you're going to Pavagadh, then for a few meters you enter AP and then again we enter karnataka.. going by the rule we should pay tax there also- no one does...

  10. Hello,

    It appears you covered roughly 150-160 KMs round trip. How much was the total cost for ZoomCars?

    Also, is October a good time to visit Hogenakkal?

    Lastly, does Dharmapuri come in this route?

    Thanks in advance for your time. Any help will be much appreciated.


  11. It will be 250kms+ in this route... if you cover just hogenakkal and don't deviate, it will be approximately within free kms offered by zoomcar (240kms a day, after which Rs 15 per km). In an XUV500, expect cost to be around Rs 4000 (rent + some extra kms, weekday)

    October is very good time to visit

    Dharmapuri doesn't come on this route

  12. How to go through kanakapura to hoganakal

  13. @Anon- I think there is a way- connecting Kanakapura to Dankanikottai- Please refer Google maps

  14. M also planjing to go there...guys..i hope route is safe..

  15. M also planjing to go there...guys..i hope route is safe..

  16. are they govt buses from attibele to hogenakallu falls ?

  17. Hi shrinidhi, just wanted to know will we be charged ny state permit fee on the attibele route as you did in 2nd trip because I heard 700rs state permit fees will be there..

  18. Hi shrinidhi, just wanted to know will we be charged with any state permit fee on that attibelle rpute, the same which took during your 2nd trip in XUV500 zoomcar.. As I had heard like 600-700rs of state permit will be charged

    1. In theory yes, commercial vehicles from Karnataka are required to Pay entry tax to TN. For this they should set up a check-post/counter- not sure if they have done it. Not our obligation to take a 200 km detour to pay tax.


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