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Thailand Happiness Street Festival 2014

I am little late writing this, but better late than never. July 25, 26, there was a 2 day street festival in Bangkok, called Thailand Happiness Festival. We got to witness it live.

Happiness festival began with release of thousands of balloons into the air, to entice tourists- balloons with smiley faces indicate the hearty welcome Thai people have for tourists. A few major roads (Rama 1 and Ratchaprasong) in downtown Bangkok were blocked for regular traffic and street festival was celebrated.

After the press conference, we got down from the tower and went into the street. But I was few minutes late and missed the balloon launch. They were already in the air as I reached the street. Balloon launch was triggered in the presence of Admiral Narong Pipatanasai, Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik and other dignitaries who addressed the media delegates earlier in the evening. A dedicated lane took us (international media representatives) to the main area of the street festival, where a parade of sorts showcasing Thialand's rich heritage, culture and specialties were held.    
The announcements were largely in Thai, so couldn't make the most of it. 

Made some videos using goPro, but it is not best suited for night usage, has no zoom and some lag in capturing videos. These, plus unsteadiness of not using a tripod and not having a planned vantage point has some what spoiled the video. Please watch the video below- it contains few video footage I shot, some stills supplied by Thailand Tourism Board and some more clicks I captured that day.

There are many other videos on youtube on Thailand happiness street festival- do search and watch if interested.

There were also few drones flying around with a GoPro mounted under it. I am curious to see what footage were taken using it, particularly in the night. 
Happiness festival included wide range of cultural activities, displays, artist works and of course shopping. The streets were full of life. Wish we could spend more time around, but we had to leave for our dinner at Bangkok's highest tower.

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