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Deltin Royale-Goa Casino ship visit experience

As part of GITM 2019, we were taken for dinner on board Deltin Royale, a casino ship berthed in Mandovi river in Goa. This post shares my experience and findings from this experience.

Visiting Deltin Royale/Floating Casinos
To visit Deltin Royale or any other floating Casino in Goa, you need to get to their designated piers on the banks of Mandovi River. Here you will buy ticket, clear security check and then will be taken to the floating Casino ship in a small boat. This whole process (from arriving at the dock to reaching the main ship) could take about 30 or more minutes depending on crowd.

What to do inside Deltin Royale floating Casino?
Of course main thing is Casino, but I will come to that later. The floating Casino visit experience involves unlimited buffet lunch, unlimited drinks, entertainment- music, dance etc and the casino.

Unlimited Buffet Lunch:
As we entered the ship, we were directed to the second floor, which has buffet dinner setup and a stage for live music/entertainment. One side was for Non Veg and another side for Veg. Veg menu was pretty elaborate, so happy on that front. No Rasam/Sambar but curd rice, pickle and other items were good. I tried Khadi, which I had first tasted in 1997 in MP. Ice-cream options were great too. They had a counter for chat items as well. Pani puri I tried was bit too spicy- but these are subjective and preferences could vary from person to person.
At times finding a table to sit and enjoy your meal could be tough if the crowd is strong-more so when people reserve seats for their family and friends who are away and not really using the dining table at that moment. Also your seat could be gone while you are away if you are alone and have gone to refill your plate.

Staff were quick n efficient to clean the tables frequently and refill food items.

Live music and entertainment. Songs, dances and live music non stop throughout the evening.

Casino- On Level 1 and Level 3, Casino is core business/attraction. Photography is not allowed in this section and we didn't go inside. You can try your luck though.

There's a skybar as well but closed due to rains. So no access to open decks of the ship.

Entry fee: How much does it cost to visit Deltin Royale in Goa?
There're three types of tickets you can buy, as explained in poster below. 
 I am guessing weekend tariff will be a bit higher.

It costs a minimum of Rs 2000 for women, Rs 3000 for men to visit the Deltin Royale Casino. They are keeping about INR 1000 per person towards food and drink and giving casino coupons for rest of the amount. If you're not an alcoholic drinker then you're paying only for food. Those who have large liver can drink as much as they can and try to get a full paisa vasool. Some bars close at 12 midnight. The casino ship operates 24x7 but most guests arrive by evening and leave by late night. Not sure how the system works if someone decides to spend a full day on board.

If you notice the pricing, every package costs only INR 1000 per person for food n drinks if you exclude the One time playing Coupon value. So if the playing coupons are really valuable, how could VIP Package guest imported alcohol at same price as Regular package? I am sure here the assumption is almost 100% of One time play coupon will be an income for the company- no one is ever going to win anything significant with that.

These one time pay coupons have some restrictions- can't be used on slot machines and few other luck based games. I am guessing probability of winning anything with these one time play coupons is very low.

Couple package is just lady+stag charges- some small discount would have been nice.

The premium and VIP packages cost a bit more and in return you get more playing coupons, premium/imported alcohol and special lounge access (VIP).

Few other major Casino operators in Goan waters are Big Daddy and Casino Pride II. Got a glimpse of the ships while returning to shore on a boat from Deltin Royale. Deltin group itself has few more Casino Ships. There're few overland Casinos as well in Goa, if you don't want the hassle of getting to a floating Casino.
Once you decide to return you need to come down to level 1 and join a queue for return boat. There's limited seating here and at times long waiting. Some kind of token system would have helped people plan better, than having to wait standing for 20-30 minutes.

Other points to note: 
1) There's a dress code-smart casuals/formals needed. Chappals, sleeveless shirts not allowed. There're teen packages, kids packages and group discounts- do check with Deltin for details. Official website is this

2) Check in size and cabin bags cost extra if you wish to take them on board the ship.

Disclaimer: My visit to Goa and Deltin Royale was sponsored by Goa Tourism as part of hosted media program for GITM2019. However all opinions, photographs and analysis are my own. I did not play at the Casino, I don't recommend either as probability of winning is near zero. Only exception could be where you are very keen to try it for experience sake with a small amount you can afford to lose.

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