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Ikkeri Aghoreshwara Temple near Sagar

I revisited Ikkeri near Sagara, Karnataka after a long time. Here are a few photos of this amazing temple and why you should plan a visit when in Sagara.

Ikkeri's Aghoreshwara temple was under the rule of various empires including Vijayanagara, Hoysala, Keladi Nayaks and others. Ikkeri Aghoreshwara temple's main deity is Lord Shiva (Ishwara). 

A large Nandi comes upfront as you enter. Unlike various other temples (like Chamundi hills or Lepakshi etc) where Nandi is exposed to elements, here Nandi statue gets a roof of its own and hence is well protected.
Aghoreshwara temple complex is large, well carved and has lots of sculptures to offer on its outer wall. Pooja are performed regularly so visitors can get blessings. Take a closer look at the doorkeepers (Dwarapalakas) and the story stones are trying to convey.

As you circle the Aghoreshwara temple of Ikkeri you will see a smaller temple on the right side, dedicated to Parvathis, Shiva's wife.

It looks like there was a fourth structure in the corner, which now seem to be destroyed.

The stones were slippery during monsoon season when we visited. One visitor slipped and fell off. Be extra careful while walking around.

There are no entry fee to visit Ikkeri. When in Sagara, do spare 30-60 mins, divert to Ikkeri and explore. Ikkeri is about 5 kms from Sagara city, roads are good and temple complex can be explored in about 30 minutes depending on how much photos/selfie you would like to take and how indepth you would like to soak yourself in temple's beautiful sculptures.

You may find a few shops selling ice creams or pooja items nearby. No other facilities. Sagara city has hotels and other needs.

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