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Gomatagiri Bahubali statue near Mysuru

Gomatagiri is a small jain pilgimage centre on the outskirts of Mysuru.

Gomatagiri consists of a 20 ft tall statue of Bahubali, situated on top of a rock. We visited Gomatagiri this week but it was closed. We couldn't enter the temple complex but could see the status from the door grill. You will have to climb about 100 steps to reach top of the rock where Gomatagiri is situated. Road is good till the foot of the hill. This hill is known as "Shravana Gudda" and the statue is said to be at least 700 years old.
Adjacent to Gomatagiri is a memorial ground, with has structures dedicated to Jain Theerthankaras.

You can plan a quick stop at Gomatagiri while driving towards Madikeri from Mysuru. KRS backwaters, dam etc are nearby (10-20 kms), so you can divert towards Gomatagiri while in the area. 

There is no display of opening hours, no staff or shops nearby. Plus covid restrictions mean hard to predict when it will be open and when Gomatagiri is closed. Every September there used to be an 'abhisheka' to the bahubali statue, but given covid scare schedule and plan for this year is not known. No point planning a trip exclusively for Gomatagiri, but if in the area, a small diversion is definetly worth it.

Taller Bahubali statues are located in Shravana Belagoa, Karkala and Venoor.

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