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Ambligola drive through Dam near Sagara

Ambligola is a lesser known dam some 35 kms from Sagara city and 20 kms from Shikaripura. It is not a "must have" "awesome" "nowhere else" place but is worth a visit when you are in the area and looking for something new, lesser known attraction to visit and explore.

The drive to the dam is also very scenic with waterbody on one side while you negotiate curvy roads heading to the dam. There are agricultural fields adjacent to dam backwaters offering great view.

Once at the Ambligola dam, you can drive on top of the embarkment- it is strong enough to support a small car. Of course drive very carefully- you don't want to slip into water or the drop on the other side. If not confident don't venture on the dam, park away and walk.

Dam is too small and doesn't have any big crest gates except one outlet point that lets water out into a canal. There are some space if you wish to camp and do picnic. It is possible to dip your leg into the water but be careful. Soil may be loose.

There is also a small temple but nothing unique.
Watch a short video below.  [Watch on Youtube]

Nearby: You can go towards Shikaripura- Akka mahadevi birth place, Sant Sevalal ashram, Anjanapura Dam & Park etc or proceed to Sagara-Keladi-Ikkeri-Jogfalls region.

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