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Srilanka is now open for Indian tourists (Aug 2021)

 As per this news in Daily FT Srilanka, Srilanka is now open to Indian tourists. (August 2021)

Indians are one of the biggest customers for Srilanka tourism- thanks to cheaper flights, easy visa norms lots of Indian tourists visit Srilanka (about 4-5 lakh tousits per year). Thanks to Srilankan Airline's wide network, Colombo also makes an ideal transit location for those flying to Melbourne, Male and few other destinations. [read my Srilankan long haul experience]

Right now Maldives is the only destination Indian tourists can head to. If you plan well, you may get a return ticket for 15-20k from big cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru etc to Male. Indians can visit Male with covid negative report and stay in unhabited islands. While Maldives is attractive, luxury resorts there cost between 20000 INR per day to few lakh rupees, making it slightly expensive for middle class. Also if you are tested positive on arrival or if anyone sitting near you in the same flight is found positive, you will have to quarantine yourself for 14 days in resort room at your own expense, which spoils the holiday plan of visitors. [Read my India-Maldives guide] Srilanka is relatively cheaper in terms of stay, transportation, food etc.

With Srilanka now opening for Indian tourists, there is another option. Srilankan airlines is said to start flights to Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai immediately and might permit India's airlines to fly to Colombo as well. Pre-covid I was able to find 10-12k return ticket to Colombo from Chennai and Bengaluru during Srilankan sales. Need to see what prices prevail once flights open up now. Anything around 15-20k is reasonable, beyond that it would be bit expensive and I would wait for better deal or option. Let us see.

Thailand (Phuket) is another destination open to international tourists, but one has to stay for min 14 days.

Let us wait for more details on Srilanka opening gates for Indian tourists. Can double vaccinated tourists travel without quarantine requirements, are the fares reasonable, are all places open in Srilanka or only select few, Visa on arrival or evisa needed? What happens if anyone on same flight is found positive or tourist tests positive after arrival or during stay in Srilanka- these things need answers.

I am sure large group of Indians who haven't flown in a plane since 2 years are eager to take a vacation abroad. Expensive flights, complicated quarantine rules and high risk is what is holding them back. Hopefully situation eases soon and everyone can plan at least one international trip in 2021. Let us see if this happens.

Srilankan also flies to Moscow, Nairobi among other destinations. If India-Colombo passenger flights resume, Indians may have more destinations they can fly to. What do you think? Are you excited?

Thanks to Amar Singh Solanki of Lili holidays for the tip off...

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