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Muppane ferry between Jogfalls and Sigandur: April 2024 latest info

April 2024 update

Visited the Muppane ferry locatiom from the Sigandur side this month. The small ferry was operational. Due to summer water was very less and ferry distance was too small, still it was nice to see them back in service. Have added a pic and latest timing into the post.

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As I was scouting for best place to reach jog falls from Udupi, the Muppane ferry route caught my attention. Everyone is aware of Sigandur ferry between Sigandur and Holebagilu, which is a large ferry that can take even buses and is quite sturdy, reliable and operates on most of the days. But Muppane is a lesser known option.

What is this Muppane ferry, what is its significance??
Muppane ferry is about 15 kms off Siganduru. If you are planning to go to Jog Falls or Sirsi etc from Kollur/Kundapura/Sigandur, Muppane ferry can effectively save about 32 kms. It offers a shorter route to Jog falls by connecting you to Bhatkal-Soraba highway.



Route via Muppane ferry

Alternate route


Udupi to  Jog falls

115 kms

125 kms (via Bhatkal)


Sigandur Temple-Jog falls

40 kms

70 kms (Via Sagara)





Drawbacks of Muppane ferry:
1. The barges are small in size. They can't take a bus like the Sigandur ferry. Only two wheelers, cars and max a tempo traveler. Even these, there're 3-4 waiting then you'll have to wait till the barge completes 3-4 trips before your turn comes, as the ferry can not take multiple cars in one go.

2. Bad roads: Muppane ferry starting point on Jogfalls side is 3 kms off the main road (Bhatkal-Soraba highway) and these 3 kms are red soil roads with occasional bad batches. I could manage on a venue but might be difficult for hatchbacks. If it rains heavily and soil gets lose it might be even trickier to negotiate some part of the approach road.

3. Non-reliable: Muppani ferry may not operate all the days all the time. Because of fewer customers, covid restrictions and other issues, operator may choose not to run the ferry on the date & time of your choice. So you've to call them and confirm if they are operating, or proceed with a plan B
Few years ago there was an accident in which two barges collided, causing damage to vehicles onboard. Many taxi drives simply refuse to put their taxi on a barge for the fear of damages.  They prefer longer road route which fetches them more money.

There was another even smaller ferry. Not sure what it does or why it is there.

The good things
1. Location is nice- you can have a picnic on the shores enjoying the backwaters. 
2. Muppaney wildlife reserve is the same region. Didn't see any option for safari and nor there were any birds or wildlife.

There was one display showing ferry information. You can call these guys to confirm if you are planning to use Muppane ferry.

Muppane ferry Timing information is not know- we reached there by 8 AM and no one was there. There was no booking counter or display with timing and rates. I guess they operate only if they see possibility of good number of customers.


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