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Baahu waterfalls near Karwar

Baahu falls is a lesser known falls in the outskirts of Karwar city. Baahu falls doesn't appear in list of places to visit when in Karwar. There are no signboards leading you to this place and there are no well paved road to reach the falls.

Baahu falls is not too far from Karwar railway station. Follow google maps and get closer to the falls. Last 1 km you have to walk in the woods to reach the waterfalls. There are not enough parking spaces at the entry point. 

After walking about a km making your way through the bushes, you will be greeted to this view of a light waterfalls from top of a rock. Locals and students visit here regularly.

Spend as much time as you feel like and return. Doesn't look like there will be lots of water here post monsoon, so visit between July and September only. Baahu falls is not worth time and effort if you are in a hurry. Feel free to skip it from your itinerary.

Google map showed another waterfall- Sanamani nearby but we had challenge locating it. As we were short of time abandoned search and returned to city.

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