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Day visit to Moreh, Indo-Burma border town from Imphal, Manipur

This post shares my day visit experience, going to Myanmar (Burma) border from Manipur's capital, Imphal.

Moreh is the name of the town located on in India-Myanmar border which is about 100 kms from Imphal.
What are the reasons to visit Moreh from Imphal?
From my visit experience, there's no super convincing reason to say "Moreh is a must visit, you should go there at all cost". Go if you have a day's free time and a thousand bucks to spare.

Reason to visit Moreh 1: Buy cheap goods
People from Imphal go to Moreh primarily to buy cheap goods from Burma. Burmese goods are taxed less and Manipuri business people find it cheaper to source their goods from Burma than procure them from Indian manufacturers- probably located far away in Bengal or somewhere else. Transportation cost and tax on India made goods are higher, so it is lot cheaper to buy them from across the border. Juice bottles and cans, plastic items, beds and cloth items, fruits, processed foods are all bought in bulk quantity from Myanmar traders across the border and brought into India.

Reason to visit Moreh 2: Visit a new country for less
From Imphal, you can visit Moreh and then Burma for a few hundred rupees. You can claim you've visited Myanmar as you are literally crossing the border. Visiting Myanmar- like Yangon by air will cost several thousand rupees in flight tickets + 50$ visa fee and other expenses. A short visit across the land border is a cheaper alternative to get a feel of Burmese people, culture.

Reason to visit Moreh 3: Nothing much to do in Imphal
There're not too many places to explore in and around Imphal. Of course there are a few, but if you're staying in Imphal for 3-4 day and have exhausted local places to visit, Day trip to Moreh will be a good consideration.

Reason to visit Moreh 4: Long scenic drive
If you have a vehicle at your disposal and looking to do a nice long day trip, Moreh is a good consideration. Road is good for the most part and ideal for a one day round trip.

How to visit Moreh from Imphal/Manipur?
Option 1: Own vehicle- If you have a vehicle, simply drive- 100 kms one way, 3-4 hours- start early morning, return before sunset. Scenic road. carry full tank fuel as fuel is expensive in Moreh.

Above: Scenery enroute to Moreh

Option 2: Taxi: Hiring a taxi from Imphal could cost you anywhere between 5000 to 12000 INR for the round trip, depending on vehicle type and how much you can negotiate.

Option 3: Shared Taxi: Several Omni and Eeco vehicles ply between Imphal and Moreh ferrying passengers and cargo. Fee per person is about Rs 300 one way. Sometimes they will insist higher fare if you didn't agree on an amount in advance. In Imphal you've to go to "Moreh Parking" area to catch one of these. You can have a round trip for about Rs 600-800 - per person- lot econonical than a full taxi, particularly if you've just one or two person.

Depending on road conditions, traffic and driver's style, expect the journey to take around 4 hours, or a bit more.

Option 4: Bus: There're public buses operating between Moreh and Imphal- these are lot cheaper than share taxi but will take few hours more. Also you will have to wait longer for the buses.

Things to remember while planning a visit to Moreh from Imphal
Landslide Prone area: The 100 kms road passes through hills. Many areas are landslide prone. There is a remote probability that a road gets blocked by landslide and you'll get stuck for several hours before it is cleared. Avoid planning trip to Moreh on the day of your return flight

Army check post closes at 4.30 PM:
The last check post while going to Moreh or first one while returning from Moreh, about 12 kms from border, closes for vehicles at 4.30 PM each day. Thus you've to cross this point before that time. Else you'll have to spend a night in Moreh and return next day after 6 AM. So plan accordingly.

Wait at check post: Depending on how many vehicles are there ahead of you, you might spend lot of time at army check point as vehicles are checked in detail. Early morning and mid day seem to be less crowded time.

ID required: Carry Adhaar card or passport as ID is mandatory at check points and to enter Burma.

Militant prone area: The area is heavily patrolled by Indian Army soldiers due to high risk of insurgents and illegal migrants. Helps to stay vigil, keep an eye on local news and avoid the area if there're any news of trouble.

Very poor infrastructure at Moreh
Moreh town does have some banks, post offices and such facilities, but couldn't spot any good public rest room. You might be able to request access to rest room in some hotels/private properties but as such the infrastructure is bad. Be prepared.

What to do at Moreh?
What all to do once at Moreh?
The main activity would be to cross the border into Indo-Myanmar friendship village. Here you can do some shopping, try Myanmar food, have tender coconut (ok quality, slightly ripe ones, not the best ones)

If you drink alcohol you can save a few hundred rupees by drinking there or buying a few bottles. Even other goods are a bit cheap but consider the cost and inconvenience of taking it all the way back home if you're a tourist.

There's a temple, a church etc on the Burma side, within few kms radius, if you wish to visit.

I took a shared taxi. Taxi driver was transporting a goose on the way to Moreh. On the way back vehicle was loaded with Burmese goods. I left from my place of stay in Imphal at about 5 AM, reached Moreh parking in Imphal at about 5.45, boarded an Omni, reached Moreh at about 10 AM. I was done with exploring the town in about an hour- walked around as much as I could and came back to parking area- reached Imphal by about 2PM and spent few hours exploring Khagla fort area. We cleared check posts without too much waiting. Road was good for 80%, under construction or bad for remaining 20%.
I wouldn't say skip everything and visit Moreh without fail- not really worth if you're not interested in buying cheap goods or visiting Burma or have something better to do. (Check the reasons to visit listed earlier)

Standby for more posts from Manipur visit.

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