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Malaysia's largest mall 1Utama shopping complex

We had an opportunity to visit 1 Utama shopping centre in Bandar Utama city, Kuala Lumpur.
Shopping malls are fast evolving. With dozens of malls coming up all over city, each mall needs something unique to identify itself with, some special value additions or reasons why one should visit this particular mall instead of others.

When a family visits a mall, different members of the group will have different interests and objectives- few may want to shop, others not interested in shopping look to do something else. But usually there will be nothing much one can do. Most shopping malls focus on 3 things- shopping, movie and food. But this usually doesn't work well because say a husband can't afford to watch movie or have food alone while wife is shopping- they would naturally wish to have food and movie together.

To overcome this, 1 Utama shopping complex, Malaysia's largest and world's 7th largest mall, has something for everyone, with focus on sports and nature besides shopping, food and movie.

There're several sports activities one can try in 1 Utama mall for a few hours- very ideal while other members of the family/group are busy with shopping or something else.

1. Indoor Rock climbing
There's a large rock climbing centre inside 1 Utama Mall, featuring several sections of rock climbing walls with different levels of expertise and complexity. From kids to adults, rock climbing can be a serious adventurous activity.

2. Flowrider Artificial Surfing
You can try your hands surfing on the artificial waves. Activity operated by Flowrider.

3. Indoor skydiving
Operated by Air Rider, Indoor Skydiving in 1Utama is about 60% cheaper than what it costs in Singapore or Australia. I've written a detailed post separately on this here.

4. Scuba diving
Operated by Sealantis, you can do PADI certified scuba diving right inside the 1 Utama Mall

5. Secret Garden
Secret Garden is an open terrace garden in the mall, housing several varieties of trees and plants. One can spend relaxed time under the shade, explain to their kids various fruits and flower plants, plan for special occasions and so on. Mall management told us they are not aggressively promoting secret garden as it can't handle large crowd-only those who know about it come to this part of the mall

6. Art gallery
fFor local artists to exhibit their talent.

1 Utama shopping complex reportedly has parking space for 14000-15000 cars. It is well connected to city and airport through public transport, good road network. There're luxury and budget hotels nearby.

Not one but four departmental stores:
Tangs, Aeon, Parkson, Isetan are four large supermarkets within 1 Utama Mall. There're 150 dining outlets to chose from.

1Utama Mall is also working on expansion projects and renovation projects- so I believe it will be bigger and grander next time you visit. Do check their One Card Loyalty program at and official website at

Next time in Malaysia, do plan a visit to 1 Utama shopping complex.

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