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Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson- Luxury Resort on water!

I had seen Lexis Hibiscus ad in in-flight magazines an year ago. I think AirAsia's Travel360. Recently during Malaysia visit, we were given a tour of the Lexis Hibiscus luxury resort at Port Dickson, Malaysia. This post shares with you what I found out during our tour.

What's Unique about Lexis Hibiscus?
  • Lexis Hibiscus, as the name suggests, is a resort designed in the shape of a hibiscus flower bud. When seen from top, the shape becomes apparent.
  • Most of the villas in Lexis Hibiscus can accommodate up to 4 people. Thus even if rental is bit more, for large families it may be more economical to take one villa than taking 2 rooms elsewhere.
  • Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson holds record for most number of swimming pools in a resort, most overwater villas in a single resort and has won multiple Luxury Hotel awards, Excellence awards and travelers choice awards
  • Lexis Hibiscus has over 630 rooms in total- 117 of them in the tower block and remaining 522+ over the water as villas.
  • All rooms on the sea have a see through glass floor - you can see the water below you!
  • Starting from INR 12000-15000 per room per night all the way to close to 1.5 lakhs for the presidential suite. Check below section for different room types and their uniqueness and rates.
How much are the room rentals at Lexis Hibiscus?

Executive Pool Villa
Executive Pool Villas are most affordable luxury rooms in Lexis Hibiscus. About 72 square meters in size, closer to main building and form part of the leaf area of the hibiscus shape. May cost around INR 12000 (MYR 700 or USD 170) per night.

Premium Pool Villa
Slightly bigger ones- 81 sq meters- with floor to ceiling glass windows and two king begs. Costs about 10% more than Executive Pool villa. The Premium Pool Villa Sea View variant costs another 10% more, close to 200 USD a night.

Sky Pool Villa- Tower Block
This category of rooms are on the main tower block and not the sea level villas. You will get an elevated view of the resort from your balcony. Room size varies from 96 to 100 sq meters. Offers nice view of Straits of Melacca... Costs a few bucks more compared to Executive Pool Villa.

The Panorama Pool Villa- Standard and Sea View options
Next best thing to a Suite, Panorama Pool Villas cost around 800-1000 MYR per night. They offer better privacy as pools do not face any other villas directly and are slightly away from main walkways. As the name suggests the balcony offers a much wider, panoramic view. Some of them face the beach and others face the sea. Bathrooms are spacious.

Royal Suite:
We didn't get to see this- probably because they were all occupied- located on top floor of main building (tower block)- about 180 sq meters and ideal for large families as it has two bedrooms, large living, dining and pantry area.

Imperial Suite
242 square meters, 3 king beds, located at the stigma part of hibiscus shape, costing about a 1000 USD a night.

The Presidential Suite
Massive 382 sq meters of space at the tip of the hibiscus Stigma. The most luxurious option, comes with 2 separate bed rooms across 2 levels and large living area, a Jacuzzi in addition to swimming pool and a host of other amenities. Costs apparently around 8000 MYR per night- that is roughly 1.5 lakh INR. Sunset is said to be magnificent from presidential suite.

Note: Prices are indicative only. Rates vary based on occupancy (number of people), season, refundable/non-refundable etc and applicable taxes.

Few other things to note:
There's no sea access direct from your villa, like it may be available in some resorts in say Maldives. You can enjoy the sea from your pool but to enter the sea you've to go to the beach. This is because sea is said to be deep and rough, not safe to enter.

A helipad is available on campus-if you're planning to arrive in style.

Host of other activities, MICE infrastructure and excursion options are available.

Lexis Hibiscus offers close to half a dozen different food and beverage options including Japanese and Chinese restaurants, coffee shops, sky lite bar, lighthouse club and so on. We had our lunch here and the coconut milkshake was awesome.

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson official website: https://www.lexishibiscuspd.com

Where is Port Dickson?
Port Dickson is about 50 kms from Kuala Lumpur south of airport, 100 kms from KL city, small diversion enroute to Melaka. Port Dickson can be your calm and serene getaway escaping the madness of Kuala Lumpur town. Port Dickson offers serene beaches, few attractions like light house, 3D art gallery, historic forts and so on.

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