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Revisiting Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur- More colourful and divine!

My previous visit to Batu caves was in 2011. Read about the first visit experience here.

Last month got an opportunity to visit the famous Murugan statue and Shiva temple again. This time it was lot more colourful and inviting, thanks to recent multi colour painting of the stairs.

I will let the pictures do the talking, take a look at below photos. (All clicked on phone, no post processing, simple standard mobile clicks)

Batu Caves is said to be 400 million years old. is a significant place of worship for Tamilians and Hindus in Malaysia. Thaipusam is celebrated very religiously here with devotees arriving from different parts of Malaysia as well as other countries. Other Hindu festivals like Deepavali also gets lots of celebrations in Batu Caves.

Reaching the cave involves climbing some 272 steps one way- not very hard- the steps are very wide, spacious and you can always pause to grab a breath or enjoy the view of the town. However beware of monkey menace- they might attack or snatch away your valuables.
Once inside, you will enjoy AC like weather- cool, calm and supplemented with occasional cool breeze. Be mindful of water dripping from ceiling or wet/slippery surfaces.


Tender coconut prices have increased from 3MYR in 2011 to 6 MYR in 2019. Chilled ones cost another ringgit extra. Found a shop selling them for 5 MYR- slightly smaller ones, but good enough. despite the price, very refreshing and any day way better than aerated drinks.
 View of the city from the steps...
Above: Watch out for these monkey business- the lady was posing with monkeys and get her photo clicked.
Below: One last look before we left Batu Caves

If you don't want to take tour package to visit Batu caves, you can take train from KL Sentral.

Entry to Batu caves is free. Vehicle parking charges apply. Public toilets are available near parking area, no rest room facilities on top. Minimum recommended time- 1 to 2 hours.


  1. I've come across a few posts on Batu Caves but I don't recall seeing a picture from the very inside. Love that shot of the skylight from the cave. I could go there just for that sight of the sky through those natural rocky walls.

  2. Just amazing place...good to know the history.
    Captures are awesome.


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