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Thank You Indiblogger- Recap of 12+ Indiblogger events

It was sad to see that popular blogging community Indiblogger is going to a dormant state. For me it has been a long journey with Indiblogger since its early days. I thought I will compile all the Indiblogger events I attended.

#1 October 2011: Tata Grande meet in Chennai
I think this was my first Indiblogger meet, back in 2011. I got to drive a Tata Grande from Tata Motors showroom in Velachery till the event venue. Many people won generous goodies and it was my first Tata Motors+ Indiblogger event.

Read about Tata Grande meet here:

#2 May 2013: Ambi Pur Indiblogger meet, Chennai
I remember attending this meet but unable to locate any blog posts on this.

#3 May 2015: GenX Nano launch, Pune
Nano gets a new front look, automatic transmission and openable rear door. We were there first to experience it. I was one of the two bloggers from outside Pune/Mumbai who qualified to get a flight ticket to attend this event, while everyone else were from Mumbai/Pune. More details here

#4 May 2015: Indiblogger-Oyo event, Bengaluru
An opportunity to experience Oyo Hospitality.
Read Oyo Rooms review here

#5 July 2015: The Chosen Ones, Ahmadabad
A unique opportunity to visit Tata Nano factory in Sanand, Gujarath- not typically possible unless there's special event and exclusive invitations like this. It is sad to see Nano going off the market. Visit details here

Sanand Factory visit details

#6 November 2015: BNLF Mumbai
Blog Now Live Forever-a two day blogging focused event. Had to travel on my own but was good to attend. Details

#7 December 2015: Tiago Launch in Goa
Glad I made it to the event despite Chennai floods. Zica later had to be renamed as Tiago

#8 Flipkart Indiblogger meet in Bengaluru
An adventure filled day full of outdoor activities with various gadgets that aid in outdoor events and activities- explored action cameras, smart watches and more. One an individual award though I could't take my team to victory.

More details here
#9 October 2016: Tata Hexa meet in Hyderabad

Hexa Event details

Was selected for a JetScreen review program, but for various reasons it didn't happen. Anyways, I could review Jet Screens separately on my own later.

#10 Feb 2017: Berger Paints Indiblogger Meet, Mumbai
Could attend this event as I was in Mumbai for work during the same date. Learnt a lot about paints and met many Mumbai bloggers, notably Sujata Tawde, Kala Ravi Sarathy and others in this event. Details

#11 March 2017: Tigor Launch, New Delhi
Tata Tigor event in Delhi meant another 2 days of learning and fun.

#12 July 2017: Nexon Launch, Kochi
This was my last Tata Motors event. Past few years Tata Motors has reduced working with bloggers- from 60 people for Tigor to 30 for Hexa to 15 for Nexon, the number of bloggers invited were on the decline. For Harrier I think no blogger was invited. The shift is now to invite more instagram influencers who will post a few pics that would get them 1000s of likes.

Nexon Features * Nexon vs Brezza vs Ecosport *

December 2017: IIBA Award
Won IIBA Best blogger Award for Tamil Nadu category towards the end of 2017- read more here. This is the most significant award/recognition I got from Indiblogger.

These were the Indiblogger events I was invited to/I could attend. I hope I could do justice to the event I was invited to, in terms of coverage and expected outcomes- because getting selected implies some other blogger somewhere was not selected. After the initial few there were not too many events in Chennai, but I was fortunate enough to get to travel to events in other cities- most sponsored, few at my own expense. The Indiblogger events were a great opportunity to meet up with fellow bloggers, helping us bond, have fun and grow together stronger. We will be missing the Indiblogger meets and events. I met several blogger friends first time during various Indiblogger meets- Aarti, Anindya, Antarik, Ami Bhat,  Atul Sharma, Bhushavali, Divsi Gupta, Deepak Sir, Indrani, Magali, Neha Sharma, Shubham, Ragini Puri , Sandeepa and Chetan , Swati Naik, Stuti  and many more.

Besides being a platform for bloggers Indiblogger also had IndiPR- a press release distribution mechanism, IndiRank, A Forum, Brand campaigns, Indivine- a blog post distribution platform and more. I still go to Indivine to submit my new posts. Indiblogger team members were always humble, approachable and supportive- it was much joy working with these people compared to some other brand/PR agencies who had little idea of blogger world and how to work with bloggers.

I wrote this about an year ago- challenges every blogger should worry about - I think the pure play blogger focus community is also affected by some of these challenges in the changing times. I am not privy to what happened behind the scene at Indiblogger leading to its closure of operations. Indiblogger as a website will continue to operate some of its functions- functions that don't need any human intervention. Hopefully some revival/re-bounce is not ruled out.

How many Indiblogger meets/events did you attend? Do share your experience in comments.

Best wishes to Indiblogger founders and team to come up with something bigger and better.


  1. Though I didn't attend so many IB events in person, but can relate to everybit you've written. IB bought Bloggers together and made the community stronger. Glad we could meet ����

  2. Thanks for the post.
    Hope Team Indiblogger back soon.

  3. IB events are so much fun!
    It was great to meet you at the Tiago event at Goa.

  4. I think it is the same platform which made each other know and then meet in person as well later on. I truly rejoice my Indiblogger association and hope to see them bounce back.


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