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Good Places (hotels) to Stay near Kolkata NSCBI Airport

If you’re looking for a budget or comfortable stay close to Kolkata's NSCB international airport, what are your hotel options? This post shares all the details, to help you plan your visit to Kolkata better.

Luxury Stay near Kolkata International Airport- Holiday Inn Express
If you don’t mind spending INR 4000+ (USD 60+) per night, Holiday Inn Express is the best place to stay near Kolkata Airport. Holiday Inn Express is less than 1 km away from airport, has all the comfort and luxury you’d expect in a hotel, including airport shuttle and is great choice if you’ve the budget.
Special mention: Stay inside Kolkata Airport- retiring rooms
There're retiring rooms available right inside Kolkata's Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport. Call these numbers for details. When I called them, I was told I can’t pre-book but need to check on arrival- if room is free it will be assigned. Also it is not sure how we can enter and exit the room freely, as airport area is highly secured- if you need to step out multiple times, confirm that is possible without any security issue.
Mid range hotels near Kolkata Airport
If you don’t want to spend on luxury hotel, there’re at least 3 options in mid range (INR 2500-4000 per night per room approx)
Option 1: Stayotel Kolkata Airport
Stayotel is located half a km away from Holiday Inn- I’ve not seen the inside but the building and hotel looks very good. You can check the photos and reviews and book. Costs around 3000-3500 per night.

Option 2: Gateway Continental Hotel
Another option is Gateway Continental Hotel & Restaurant. This is even closer than Stayotel and located on the main road- easy to spot. I didn’t check the room, but had food at their restaurant, it was good and reasonably priced. Rooms here will cost little more than 3000 Rs a night.

Option 3: O2 Oxygen Hotel, Kaikhali
O2 Oxygen and O2 VIP are two hotels in Kaikhali area, about 2.5 kms from Kolkata airport (probably 4 kms while reaching due to longer detour needed). But this one seems as expensive as Holiday Inn Express at around 4000 Rs a night.

Budget hotels near Kolkata Airport
There’re many budget hotels near Kolkata Airport but do read this post first to understand how some budget hotels game the system and deny entry to guests to make more money. Do extra due diligence before booking super cheap hotels.
Oyo Airport Motel

Oyo Airport Motel seems very delicate from outside, reasonably ok from inside. May be they are just renovating- use your discretion to book.

Om lodge

Opposite to Stayotel, Om Lodge and few other lodges in the area offer cheap rooms- of course cheap rooms come with their own constraints and limitations-best to walk in, check everything and then book, than paying in advance.

There're many other low cost hotels promising rooms at around Rs 500 a night- like Avi House, Short and Long home stay and so on- but some of these could be frauds-like they deny your booking if they get a more profitable booking- read a detailed post here to understand how Kolkata's budget hotels game the system to earn 3x more money and tips for booking budget hotels in Kolkata

There're few hostels around airport, which might let you in for a day if bed is empty. These are often used for long term stay by students and low salary professionals, so getting a bed for a night is a matter of luck- can cost you around Rs 300-400.

Hope you find this post useful.

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