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12+ Things to do at Melaka, Malaysia

In 2016 I had a day visit to Melaka. Last month, got to spend another day and overnight stay at Melaka. Melaka is a world heritage city just a few hours from Kuala Lumpur and has dozens of attractions to keep everyone in the family/group busy.

This post lists  host of things you can visit, try or explore in Melaka. I've already written detailed posts about few of them for additional details

1. Encore Melaka-Impression Series Cultural show:
An immersive theater performance where technology and 200+artists perform seamlessly to give a unique experience. Read detailed blog post and watch a short video to understand more.

Shows are in the evening- 5.30 PM and 8.30 PM and costs about 150 MYR onwards.

2. Melaka River Cruise
Most popular tourist activity in Melaka- a boat ride on the historic Melaka river. Takes about 45 mins for the experience, can be done throughout the day till almost 11 PM. Costs about 30 MYR. Night time the river, bridges will be more colourful and you can avoid harsh sun, so highly recommended. But depending on your preference plan.
3. Jonker Street walk and shopping
Town's most popular street with lots of shops on both side. Towards the end there could be some cultural performances we well. More active/crowded in the evening than morning hours.

4. Try snowball
Drink tender coconut in a unique way. Details here

5. Joyride on revolving Temang Sari tower
Rotating tower of Melaka- don't miss a joy ride and view from the top. More details in this post.

6. Visit Maritime Museum

7. Visit Sultanate Palace Museum
For a small fee of 2 MYR you can explore the Sultanate palace museum and understand Melacca's historical facts, culture and tradition. More details in this post.

8. Walk near clock tower

9. Ride in a decorated trishaw
Melaka is full of these over decorated cycle rickshaws or Trishaws-if it fancies you try a joy ride in one. Price is often negotiable, depending on time, your bargaining skills and other factors.

10. St Paul's Church
Ruins of a historic church, best visited in day time.

11. Melacca Duck tours
Enjoy land+ water safari two in one...

12. Museum of Royal Customs Malaysian Customs

For a comfortable stay in Melaka you can consider The Pines, Melaka's most spacious hotel.

Also spotted this white building, which didn't look like was open to public. There were no signs round.

Bonus Tip:
Enroute to Melaka, you might want to stop at a restaurant that spans across the highway. Sitting here you can watch cars zip under you! The name of the location is Ayer Keroh and the restaurant is popularly known as overhead bridge restaurant
 Restaurant over the highway, between Melaka and Kuala Lumpur
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  1. Melaka is a wonderful place. Lots to explore. Nice list, Shrinidhi.

  2. I've been in Malaysia Melaka and Singapore 8 years ago. Melaka is wonderful place in Malaysia


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