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Snowball: A super cool way to extract tender coconut

Saw this in Melaka, Malaysia and I was immediately bowled over. These guys had mastered the art of extracting tender coconut in a way I had never seen before- it was so perfect that without wasting any of the water or meat they could take out the bulging extract and pack it into a plastic box, insert a straw into it and hand over to customers. I could drink the liquid from straw and start eating the meat without having to give the shell back to them for opening.
They call it 'Snowball'...Looks like big Rasagollas! Each is being sold at MYR5. (INR 80 approx) Had two of them

Watch the short video (90 sec) to see how they do it. Simply brilliant.

 Malaysia- Truely Asia. Isn't this a #Fantastico way of enjoying already healthy tender coconut?

In India vendors mix all kinds of coconuts- ripe ones, tender ones, some without meat (Malai) inside, some overgrown ones etc. To be able to do above trick, coconuts shouldn't be too young (may not have any layer of Malai or too this malai) and shouldn't be too ripe.

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  1. This is a new for me though I have been to Malacca twice.

    Was it near the Church? or some other place? I remember there was a Tamilian guy who used to make fantastic Cendol.

    Probably it's time to go there again.

  2. Hi NIsha

    this is near the Menara tower.. (Taming Sari)

    May be recently introduced- visit again!


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