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Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney

Chinese garden is a small but beautiful garden in the heart of Sydney city, worth a short stop. It is located near Darling Harbour. Amidst tall buildings and traffic all around, taking a walk in the park is very refreshing. Also good place to rest for a minute.

Free flow of water and flying birds make the garden more lively.
On the day of my visit there was no entry fee in the name of Chinese new year celebrations, but we were requested to donate one gold coin (AUD 1 or AUD 2) Staff were happy to explain if you have any questions related to Chinese new year or China in general.

Rest room facilities available. Better reached by foot from Darling Harbor/Townhall station.
There is a Chinese garden of Friendship in Singapore also- we saw from the train- much bigger campus.

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  1. As in gold coloured coin- like some of our 5 Rs, 10 Rs coins- 1 and 2 AUD coins are gold coloured.. 20 Cent, 10 cent, 50 cent etc silver coloured. So essentially they are asking for a donation of 1 AUD or more

  2. Looks cool. Loved the pics.. especially the second last one!!
    Stiletto Maniac

  3. Lovely Garden.Nice shots.Is it compulsory to give donation in gold coloured coins?

    Sriram & Krithiga

  4. It is interesting to learn about other cultures which we do not get to study from a close angle on a daily basis. Hence, it is a nice experience visiting such designated attractions which are not only for recreational purposes but educational as well.


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