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Otway Fly Treetop adventures, Victoria, Australia

After our great ocean drive, sort of realizing that we can't make it to 7 apostles and back in same day, we diverted towards the interior Victoria, towards Otway Fly Treetop adventures.

Otway Fly treetop adventure is a nice lush green campus. There are two things visitors can do here- one is a simpler tree top walk and the other is little more adventurous ziplining. Entry fee are as below:

We tried the simple treetop walk- They have built walkway at an altitude half the height of trees and a watch tower in the centre which is almost as tall as most of the trees.

Add to this there is a cantilever beam which can hold weight of 14 elephants. (28 tons)

The visit lasted for about an hour. We had nice time in the woods. But Otway Fly treetop being too far from city, traveling all the way may not be worth it. 

An hour well spent in the woods. There were several trivia with interesting insights as well.


  1. Thats some nice use of wide angle lens out there. Was it the GoPro ?

  2. Excellent Go Pro Photography

  3. That beam can take the weight of 14 elephants? Now, that's something.
    The walkway and the tower look great; they don't mar the beauty of the woods.

  4. @DN- Yes, that is what the display says.. Obviously we couldn't test it

  5. Amazing images of the perfect adventure sports. I just loved watching the images and pretty excited to experience it as well.I have experienced my first zip line adventure at Flying Fox Neemrana. It was a thrilling adventure flying over the fort palace and have an amazing view of the whole city on 5 zip lines.

  6. Zip Line adventure is what attracts me a lot. I have been to many places to experience thrilling aerial zip lining. The one experience of zip lining at Flying Fox Rishikesh over the river Ganges was amazing.

  7. Thanks Jennifer for sharing your experience...


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