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Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi is a popular beach in Sydney where locals and tourists alike come in large numbers to take a dip and sun bath.

Reaching Bondi
I took train to Bondi Junction, from where wide number of buses take you to Bondi beach. Walking to beach is an option if you can walk for 30 minutes or so. Else bus is ideal.

I did see few Indian restaurants on the way to Bondi.

Bondi to Coogee beach trek is another popular attraction here, but I couldn't try that.
Lots of interesting art work was to be seen near the beach

Swim at a private pool near Bondi
Not very comfortable entering into open sea water? Would like a private place adjacent to ocean? Then this might be right option for you- A pool next to ocean- no risk of ocean waves, still the beauty of ocean beyond you.

Seems just a few days ago Shark Detection app was tested at Bondi beach- NEWS


  1. Beautiful pics. Loved the graffiti works.

  2. Thanks Deepak sir, Arun, Arun Prasad, Sreedhar, Rupam and Indrani

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