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World famous landmark-Opera House, Sydney

Opera House Sydney is counted among one of the most distinctive man made buildings. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and gets listed among almost every listing of must visit attractions.

I finally had the opportunity to take a look at it first hand. Besides walking around the building upclose, I could take some more pictures from the ferry and harbor bridge. This post shares the picture of Sydney Opera House from various angles. I think the best view is of course from top- from an helicopter or drone, which regular tourists like me can't afford. Watch Dil Chahta Hai or other movies for a top view.

Below two pictures of Opera House are clicked from Harbor bridge.
There are guided tours for public access inside. I couldn't take it. Alternatively when concerts are scheduled, one can buy rather expensive tickets and go inside. Even then photography/any form of recording is not permitted. The shops inside the Opera house sell photos which include the interior view, which is very grand. My host showed me those photos. I had to be contempt with that.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Missed on Sydney during my trip to Australia. Wish you an AWESOME trip! :)

  2. Wonderful... I guess all your wait was worth it... :)

  3. Amazing Pics. Wish you had an amazing trip to Australia.

  4. Thanks Ashish, Prasad, Niranjan and Arti

    Yes, I had great time and now back in Chennai.

  5. Opera House is on my list!
    You have captured it nicely from many angles!

  6. You are incorrect. The opera house has daily tours and is open to public with guided tour tickets. It is closed only on certain dates. We have been inside on this tour and it was kinda nice.

  7. Thanks Gowri. I have updated the post accordingly.

  8. Glad seeing these pics, seems you had a nice time out there ☺️


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