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35 Years of Art Of Living- World Culture Festival- World coming to Delhi!

Bengaluru head-quartered Art Of Living (AOL) foundation is organizing an international cultural festival in New Delhi next month- 11th, 12th and 13th March 2016- One of the biggest of its kind involving massive arrangements and an expected audience of millions of people. Art Of Living (AOL)  has successfully held such massive events in the past but this one looks to be its biggest and grandest till date, to mark completion of 35 years of services.
The entry to the event is free and if you are in New Delhi/NCR during this time, do make a plan to be part of this mega celebration. Some key highlights of Art Of Living (AOL)  World Culture Festival is listed below
  • To be declared open by PM Modi and valedictory by honorable president of India
  • Venue: 1000 acres campus with 7 acre large stage near Mayur Vihar Metro. An army of 1000 workers are currently busy readying the venue. 
  • About 36k artists are to perform during the 3 day event ,including 8000 musicians in a musical symphony playing 40 instruments
  •  650 drummers from South Africa and talents from all over India will be performing live
  •  20,000 international guests expected from over 155 countries. Total Audience is expected in millions. Key countries represented would include Turkey, Thailand, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Germany, Nepal, Africa, Argentina, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Middle East, Japan, China, Switzerland, Belarus, Hungary, Pakistan and so on. (If you were to visit these countries on your own to experience local culture and traditions, it might cost you several years and lakhs of rupees)
  • An invite only Global Leadership Forum event by Art Of Living (AOL) foundation that brings together world leaders in one platform
World Culture festival is inspired by Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s vision for a world that celebrates  diversity and united hearts and minds at a time when world is filled with distrust and hatred among communities, nations and ideologies.

In essence, March 11th will see the world descending down on India’s capital. You will be able to witness an extraordinary assembly of people, culture and traditions within these three days. Art Of Living team is putting up an extra ordinary scale of volunteers and workers on the ground to make this event a grand success- managing such a complex event involving several million audience, lakhs of VIPs/guests, back to back events, related logistics, food and other arrangements for the delegates, coordinating with external agencies is one mammoth task. Art Of Living (AOL) task forces have mastered this art in previous events but will be testing their limits again this time. Best wishes to them.

The Art of Living completes 35 years of service to humanity in 2016.  To commemorate this momentous occasion, World Culture Festival is being organized in New Delhi on March 11, 12, and 13. The event is open to all and the entry is free.

Write to wcf@artofliving.org or call on +9211135555 between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm IST for any assistance.

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