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The Slingshot-Reverse Bungee jumping in St Kilda beach, Melbourne

I saw this reverse bungee setup by the beach side of St Kilda beach in Melbourne- it suddenly reminded me of the reverse bungee ride available in Singapore’s Clarke Quay.

If you have missed the ride in Singapore, you can try it in Melbourne. While Singapore one could seat 3, St Kilda one can seat only 2. But it appears a bit cheaper at 35 AUD per person per ride (Singapore one costs more now at 45  SGD)

The setup was closed when I visited it around 4 PM. I think they get majority customers during evening hours, so might be opening late. I couldn’t see operating hours displayed anywhere.

Apparently Melbourne one seems to have better spec than Singapore's G-MAX Reverse Bungee. Melbourne Max height is 70 meters as against Singapore's 60, top speed is 160 as against Singapore's 100 kmph. So if you have an option, prefer the Melbourne one.
They seem to give your photos/videos of the ride for an additional charge, but I can see lots of confusion in below board.

I didn't try it as I had recently done it in Singapore. If you are visiting Melbourne and have some quest for adventure, add this to your plan.

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