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Bushfire safety warnings in Victoria Australia

Forest fire is a major concern all over the world. They destroy forest and forest animals and also endanger motorists passing through the forest.

Victoria country side in Australia is often prone to forest fires (referred to as Bush Fire). Administration has set up several precautionary measures and safety guidelines to predict/avoid/minimize impact of a forest fire.

Along all the highways, there are sign boards indicating current probability level of a bush fire. The display looks like below and a needle would be pointing to one of these colours. If you notice the chart carefully, there is no status that says "No risk" Low/Moderate is the minimum, which means on any day of the year there can be bushfires. I am told few months ago the great ocean road had to be closed for couple of months due to extreme bush fire (Read this news) and even now, I read that firefighting is on at some parts of Victoria [news]. When we went for great ocean drive last Saturday we had the status as "High", just one level above the lowest possible rating. We were lucky, as your tour plans might get cancelled if roads are closed due to high risk of bush fires. Anything above Severe, it is recommended that you don't venture out unnecessarily near the woods or country side and stay within town limits. If it is Code Red, all parks and other such public attractions in the bush fire prone zone will be closed for visitors.
And there are several guidelines residents, tourists and vehicle drivers must adhere to. Certain types of gas/fuel shouldn't be used for BBQ on days of Total Fire Ban.

 Below- a picture from great ocean drive, with lots of dry trees prone to forest fire.
I appreciate the high state of alertness maintained by the administration in this aspect. Forest fire happens in India too- Bandipur forests in South, Nilgiris etc. With better preparedness, safety measures and public awareness, 


  1. Bush fires can be considered as a natural disaster as they are often caused by harsh dry weather conditions. However, residents need to show cooperation as well by abiding by the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities on the safety measures needed to be taken when carrying out any outdoor activities involving the usage of fires.


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