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Amador Causeway-Panama City- Scenic walk/drive by the ocean

Amador Causeway is a scenic and serene spot outside Panama City, Republic of Panama. It is about 13 kms from city centre.
Amador Causeway is totally worth a visit because of its strategic location and landscape.
- Amador Causeway is a long stretch of road with ocean on both sides
- Well landscaped and free from city traffic, you can enjoy a relaxed drive here or a comfortable walk.
- Rental services available- you can rent a cycle, quadcycle or a motorbike
- Food and Beverage outlets available for quick refreshment
- Free toilets, drinking water fountains are available at multiple locations.
- The actual stretch is about 4 kms long one way- between Bio Museum and till the end of the road- makes a great evening walk.
When I visited Panama City, I headed to Amador Causeway after returning from Miraflores Locks. Amador Causeway can be accessed via bus from Albrook Terminal- just 25 cents per ride. You can just sit in the bus throughout the journey, enjoy the scenery from the bus and return to the terminal, or get down at any of the bus stops, explore around a bit and return in next bus. Bus goes till the end of Amador Causeway. The hop on hop off service also covers Amador Causeway.

At the end of Amador Causeway was a restricted area- probably some hotel/residence and a helipad on a small hill, so the small hillside is not accessible to public, but we can walk around everywhere else. There's a duty free shop, several high end restaurants near the end. A big boat parking area is also here, I am guessing you will be able to rent a yacht as well.

Bio Museum
Bio Museum is a nice multi-colour building towards the beginning from Amador Causeway. Besides visiting the Bio Museum, you can also have a relaxed time in their campus full of nice trees and gardens. Scenic drive/view starts from here and goes for about 4 kms.

Enjoy view of the Panama City
Panoramic view of Panama City can be had from here.

View big ships
If you are lucky, you might spot some big ships entering or leaving Panama canal- I couldn't spot any.

On my way back, I spotted a mango tree full of ripe fruits- no one was interested in harvesting them- 100s of ripe fruits were lying on the ground and rotting- was very sad to see that. Similarly lots of trees with tender raw mangos could be seen- no one keen to harvest them and make pickle may be.

Spotted lots of coconut trees and fresh tender coconuts in them, but couldn't locate any shop or vendors in Panama city who would sell tender coconuts.

Enjoy cycling/biking
Several shops rent bikes/quad cycles that you can ride on the pedestrian path. 12$ an hour rental was bit higher for my budget, so preferred to walk most of the distance and book a bus once I was done.

Sit and enjoy the sunset
I had to return few hours before sunset, but it would have been great to be able to enjoy sunset from here

Shopping & Dining
Duty free shops, Food and Beverage outlets exist along the Causeway.

Watch a 2 min video about Amador Causeway here. Few more posts about Panama Canal coming up.


  1. Wow! that's a scenic ride. :)
    And Panama City's skyline looks nice too. I'm sure it'd look great at night too.


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