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Boardroom cafe Mylapore-Games, Friends, Food-Unique concept

Last week visited a unique cafe in Chennai- The Boardroom Cafe. This cafe, run by three founders Sriram, Varun and Shravan is a new concept- don't just go to restaurant to have food with friends, but spend more quality time playing games for longer duration than a typical restaurant visit would allow you and in the process have fun, better bonding and learn lots of new games.

So how does it work at The Board Room?
You buy an entry ticket (INR 250 per day without food, INR 400 with 200 Rs worth food coupon) and gain access to the Board Room. The Board Room cafe in Mylapore opens at 10 AM and closes by 10 PM

Then you get yourself a table, settle down, pick up a board game from a collection of over 250 different games available at the board room. Most of the games are imported ones and can't be purchased in neighborhood stores. Each game has different way of playing, rules etc- the founders or the cafe staff will help you select a game depending on your interest, number of players etc and then you can get started.

We played a game called patchwork, which involved earning coins, buying building blocks and filling up our board with the blocks, while progressing step by step on a spiral track.

Next we played a card game, trying to have a full set of one type of cards while exchanging unwanted cards with other players. 
Finally we played a game called "High Society" wherein the objective is to spend our money to buy various luxuries of life, avoid negative cards and show off that we're having the coolest life.

It was great meeting Gunjain, Asmita Madhu, Sri Indresan and others during the visit.

The collection of board games!
The Boardroom cafe also organizes events like stand-up comedy, music performances etc we are told
Many traditional and conventional games are also available.
For parents, visiting the BoardRoom would be a great way to get their kids off mobile phones and spend some time playing games with physical pieces.

Overall, The BoardRoom is a good concept- very ideal for corporate team outing, fun with friends and family and more. It is lot economical than visiting a mall, spending several thousands on movie, food and shopping, it is more peaceful, engaging and fruitful than visiting a restaurant, having quick food while spending time on our phones.

The Board Room at Mylapore, Chennai don't have a website yet, but can be reached via phone or Facebook on Zomato or Instagram.

The Board Room
3, Bheema Sena Garden St, Nagarathinam Colony, Sullivan Garden, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004
Phone: 073584 44029
Google Maps:


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