Budget stay options near Delhi IGI Airport

If you have a transit via Delhi what is the closest and cheapest place to stay? Or if you have a few hours to spare, where to go to get some quick food? From what I have experienced, your best bet is Mahilapur.
If money is not a constraint, there’re many super luxury hotels close to Delhi airport- Andaz, Marriott and more- but these hotels cost over 5000-7000 INR per night at the minimum, hence may not be your preferred option when on budget trip.

From IGI Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3, you can take airport metro to next station- Delhi Aerocity. The ride will last about 5 minutes, train frequency is roughly 10 minutes between trains and cost is about 20 INR one way (17 if you have metro card)
Once out of Aerocity station, walk towards Mahilapur.

This area has dozens of budget hotels. We spent a night at WOW Inn, for about 750 INR a night. If you’re looking for mid range, Holiday Inn is close-by
There are a few veg restaurants, non-veg restaurants as well- you can have full stomach meals for one third of what it costs inside airport. If you’re planning to go to Mahilapur just for food, you should factor a time of about 90-120 minutes- to walk to metro station, ticket purchase, wait for train, train journey, walk to Mahilapur, having food and making your way back.
If you don’t want to take a metro you can always try a cab or auto- Mahilapur is about 3-4kms from T3. There’re airport shuttle buses operating too-from Aerocity metro to T2

Metro timing: Note that metro service will not be available from mid-night to like 5-5.30 AM. If you’re flight is too early in the morning you can take auto/taxi.

If you’re arriving in T2, you can just walk across the road to T3 and take metro. However if you’re in T1, there’s a different metro station closer to T1-This one is on the pink line

A map for quick reference.
For Delhi’s cheapest place to stay, check my review of  Nomadia hostel near GK2- Just 250 INR a night.


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