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Wedding gift selection simplified using Wedding Gift Registry

Wedding gift selection is a complicated process. As a guest, we spend lots of time thinking what to gift- which items bride and groom may like, what items will be useful for their household and so on. But then this process can never be perfect and we usually end up with following scenarios
  •         Guests spend lots of time ideating what to gift and then where to buy them
  •        At least 10-20 guests end up gifting same thing- like a pressure cooker or such household items, whereas a new couple would need just one or two of these.
  •       What we think bride or groom will like, they may not like it or find it useful- it won’t be polite to say so upfront, so they accept it but then keep it aside. Waste of money spent.
So what is the solution? Won’t it be very simple for everyone involved, if bride and groom can make a list of items they would like to be gifted with and their guests can choose to gift one of the items from this list? No need to worry what will work and what will not, no risk of multiple guests gifting same thing, no risk of what’s gifted being bit different from what the hosts expected.

There is one platform where above can be facilitated.

It might sound shameless to ask people “gift me this” but think one more time- it is a great way to deal with wedding gifts. Bride or groom can create an account and make a wedding gift registry of what they would like to receive. They can publish this wishlist to wedding guests, who can then pick any of these items that is within their gift budget.

Take a look at
Advantages of
Saves lots of time for guests- no need to ask a dozen people what to gift, no need to scout several shops looking for most ideal gift, no need to have a doubt that if the bride/groom would like this gift or not, no risk of wasting time and money on unnecessary items

Good for environment:  Avoids purchase of unnecessary items, duplicate items which will eventually be thrown away or not used.

Saves money for the newly wed couple: By listing specific items they would need to start their new life, couples can get some of those items by means of wedding gifts, compared to getting lots of gifts which are ornamentor value or fancy items without any practical usage.

The process:
Wedding couple create an account on, make their wishlist of gifts they want to receive- select from items already available on the site or add links of products available on external websites. The inventory is not just limited to physical items, also includes gift cards or experiences like holiday packages. Even cash gift is facilitated (agency fee and GST applies). Even charity funding concept is supported (ask guests to donate for a cause than giving you gifts)

Once the wishlist is made, it can be shared with guests who would be attending the wedding.

Guests can browse the wishlist, chose to shop one or more items from the list and make payment. Guests can customize the messages while shopping for gifts. No time spend worrying what to gift. Guests can also team up with other guests to fund a single gift- useful for gifting high value items. will take care of delivery, gift wrapping etc- guests can have it delivered to themselves to gift in person during wedding, or have it sent directly to any other address of choice- useful in case of big/heavy items you don’t want to carry around. also allows couples to track which guest purchased what gift- sort of kills the suspense but helps in better planning overall. However enough confidentiality is maintained to ensure other guests don’t see what one is gifting.

What do you think of this tool? Isn’t it a more simplified and streamlined approach to wedding gifts process than the current practice?

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  1. This is great idea as in US but this particular site is very expensive (compared to market price of items) with limited options

    1. Noted. They give option to include external link- like you can add an item from Flipkart or Amazon

  2. Loved the post, Visited Wedding Wishlist site, Great.

  3. One of my friend during his daughter's wedding which was held in US had similar arrangement for gifting.When I had seen it ( the link was in the einvite ) I felt that it was a good idea.Good to know such ideas are now coming in India.In fact now a days many well to do people mention "Gifts in blessings" only.


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