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What's new at Airlineblog in March 2019?

Quick summary of posts at Airlineblog.in during March 2019

1. End Of WOW Air- Indian passengers were lucky
Iceland based low cost carrier suddenly cancelled all flights and declared bankruptcy. I feel Indian passengers were a bit lucky- read more here

2. Airline Sales
Have written about a few good sales- Air France KLM sale is still on, China Southern JFK-LAX to Delhi 32k INR deal is also available. Qatar, Scoot, AirAsia sales have expired for now

3. What to do if you have an upcoming ticket with Jet Airways
Here's a detailed guide if you're affected by Jet Airway's massive cancellations and uncertainty of what will happen to your flight. Jet airways is also selling tickets on future dates flights they have cancelled, without any guarantee of operating the flights- be careful.

4. American Airlines complicated process for Indian credit card
Had a need to book on American Airline ticket- but realized they have a super complex process for booking with Indian credit cards- gave up and booked on SouthWest-Read more details here

5. Experience booking various USA domestic and international (central america) flight tickets
Have booked a dozen tickets on Southwest, Jet Blue, WestJet, Spirit, Copa and so on. Read my detailed experience here. Among them, JetBlue seems most romantic.

6. Airport Experience
Read about Delhi T2 and Kathmandu

7. Malindo Super Saver fare
Malindo has introduced a no bag-no meals fare- is it good enough? Find out here.

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