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Pokhara in a day-places to visit

Pokhara town in Nepal is a lot better place to spend your time than capital Kathmandu. Compared to crowded, dusty streets of Kathmandu with age old buildings, Pokhara is a pure bliss. It is serene, spacious, well maintained and lot more peaceful and beautiful, with mighty himalayas visible in plain site. Thus a visit to Pokhara is totally worth it. Plan for 2 days at the minimum while on the upper side you can spend several weeks undertaking various treks. In this post I am sharing list of places worth visiting around Pokhara and activities you can try in and around Pokhara.

1. Sarangkot Viewpoint
Sarangkot viewpoint is about 12 kms from Pokhara city, on a steep hill. Sarangkot view point- go there as early as possible- preferably by sunrise time to see the peaks in glowing red colour in morning light. Perfect start for the day. If you delay further- like by 9.30-10AM, you will face lots of traffic, as dozens of vehicles carrying para-gliders make their way up the hill. Spend as much as time you’d like- bare minimum infrastructure is available, along with few shops and restaurants. 50 NPR entry fee applies.
2. Head to Mahendra Cave
Small cave to visit, nothing significantly exciting. I would suggest skipping this if short of time.
3. Bat Cave (Chamero Gufa)
Bat cave is 500 meters from Mahendra cave, separate ticket applies (80 NPR). A torch will be given free of cost to each group to navigate the cave. The exit route is too tricky-only fit and small build persons can come out through the exit. Those who won’t fit the gap or not confident/fit to climb will have to go back. Good to visit if you are game for some climbing and crawling through the rocks.
There’s a small mountain museum as well near these caves- we missed visiting it-you can try

4. Devi’s Falls
A tiny waterfall, with some additional tourist attraction like these photo points, portion of traditional Nepali house etc. Entry fee 30 NPR per person. In my opinion Devi's falls can be skipped if short of time
5. Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave
Opposite to Devi’s falls, 100 NPR entry ticket, involves climbing down 100s of steps to go deep into the cave to hear a waterfall at a distance. Some construction was underway and there wasn’t anything photogenic. Waterfall was good to hear but tough to photograph due to darkness. Climbing steps, navigating narrow passages is a good exercise, so highly recommended for the experience.
6. World peace Pagoda
About 6 kms from Mahadev cave-needs climbing up a few hundred steps- offers good view of the Pokhara town. Recommended for the view if not anything else

7. Tal Barahi temple:
Located in the middle of Piwa lake, Tal Barahi temple costs 100 NPR per person for return boat ride  + 10 NPR for life jacket. Small temple in the middle of the lake, worth a short visit for the sake of boat ride experience and to spend some quiet time around the temple complex
8. Boating in Piha lake
Try self row or hire boat with a driver- can be clubbed with Tal Barahi temple visit or done separately. Open from 6 AM till 6.30 PM, costs between 500 to 1500 NPR depending on multiple factors

9. Explore the lake side
Take a walk by the lake, do some shopping, have food, spend a relaxed evening. Some restaurants organize dance/cultural show in the evening- you can have your dinner and enjoy the show. Try a massage (costs around 2000-3000 NPR but I guess negotiation should be possible during non-peak hours)

10. Begnas lake
About 15 kms from Pokhara, 5km diversion from Kathmandu highway- a small lake- worth a diversion while returning to Kathmandu, if you have time and interest.
11. Rupa Lake
Couldn’t visit, you can try. Another lake off the highway, bit further from Begnas Lake.

12. Rent a cycle/bike.
Motorcyle like Bajaj Pulsar was being quoted at 400 NPR per hour (fuel included) or 1200 NPR for full day (morning to evening) with fuel extra. Scooters and cycles are available for less. Negotiation is possible. You can rent a bike and explore areas around Pokhara on your own.

13. Fly to top of Annapurna
If you have some spare cash (45000 Nepali Rupee or some 30k INR), you can book a helicopter ride to top of Annapurna and back. The ride will last just about an hour but will give mesmerizing views of the Himalayas and a life time experience.
14. Try trekking
A dozen different trekking and expedition options are available from Pokhara, with trekking companies organizing everything- you need to carry some essential stuff and pay for a slot in next batch. Enquire at any travel shop by the lakeside- book based on your fitness level, number of days you can spare and other factors such as availability.


  1. This post is no less than an elaborate vlog, I've seen a lot of videos on Pokhra and you've shared details that aren't available on many of them. Though the bikes on rent seemed to pretty good considering fuel was provided.

    1. Fuel provided only for hourly rental.. how far can you go in an hour? Approx 60 kms or 1 litre fuel- which is factored in 400 Rupee rental

  2. Its so beautiful place !!!! so many activities to be done...Enjoyed reading.


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