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One night at Hyatt Andaz New Delhi Aerocity!

We spent a night at Hyatt Andaz Aerocity, New Delhi for the new Tata Tigor media event. This post shares my quick note about the hotel. I won’t call it detailed review, because my stay was too short and thus the experience is limited.

Most of us got the cheaper rooms with Pool view. I guess premium rooms are on the opposite side, with runway view.

Good things
1. Great attempt to create unique experiences within limited space and resources. Modern facilities but with some attempt to harmonize with culture. The pens look great but are not very practical. Bath fittings are of unique design.

2. Modern coffee making machines are great to have but Indian guests are usually not used to it and will take time to understand (or may totally avoid using it).If you've been to luxury hotels abroad you can easily operate it.
3.Bathroom had a bench to sit. Very different experience to sit and shower
4. Eco friendly- no plastic water bottles
5. Lots of charging points in the room
6. Extensive breakfast options. I liked the cycle cart with fruits and tender coconut on them. Though coconuts were little overripe, better to have it than not having it at all. Since it is unlimited breakfast,I was entitled to empty all of them, but I resisted myself.

Spacious lobby, ballroom and common areas:
Hyatt Andaz has lots of open space, sitting facilities and live tea counters near the ball room. Even when you don't have a room, you can relax comfortably in these common areas for a few hours, till it is time for your flight, or in case you arrive much earlier than your check-in time or if you're here purely to attend an event. Bookshelf is well stocked, interiors are very photogenic.

Possible Improvements
1. Many were uncomfortable with pure western style toilets
2. The weighing scale in the bathroom didn’t seem to be calibrated- It showed my weight between 155-175 kg on multiple attempts, which is twice my real weight.  The scale was a pure digital and relatively expensive model but I couldn’t locate the reset button. (I spent only a minute or two)

3.I had to call housekeeping at the middle of the night as one of my memory card adapter slid under the bed. I could neither reach under the bed, nor move it around.
4.The TV in my room was not customized with my name (in other rooms it was)
5. The static view of the pool is not much fun. Runway view will be much nicer in my opinion.

Unfortunately we spent very little time in the campus- check in was at 6 PM, check out at 5.30 AM and we had few more hours in the afternoon in common area. Hope to explore more in future.

Andaz is very close to both T3 and T1 and competes for customers with few other high profile hotels in the same area- JW Marriot, Pullman etc. Target customers seem to be business executives transiting via Delhi looking for some rest.

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