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Skywatch Friday: Marcelo B Fernan Bridge Cebu Philippines

Long time since I did the Skywatch Friday posts. This week, posting photos of the sky above the Marcelo B Fernan Bridge in Cebu, Philippines. This is a 17 year old bridge that connects Cebu airport in Mactan to the bigger Cebu city island. I walked across this bridge trying to explore places of interest in Cebu. The bridge is more than a km in length so as I walked across, I took photos of the bridge from all possible angles.

Take a look.

On the other side were lots of flags representing various countries. No Indian flag.
There were steps to go to top of the bridge- obviously it is not for tourists but for maintenance purposes.
 View from the bridge...
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  1. Wow, beautiful bridge shots! I like the depth of field in the first photo.

  2. What gorgeous views! Happy Friday btw:)

  3. Love the pics. Especially the last one looks like a painting!

  4. Truly great shots! Beautiful leading lines and lovely skies

  5. The clear blue sky and the color of the bridge looks so perfect!

  6. The view from the bridge is very beautiful !
    No Indian flag :( Why ?

  7. haha, I had to smile at your " I took photos of the bridge from all possible angles"- well done! very nice images.

  8. Graet graphic compositions. I like it.

  9. Thanks Rupam, SP&P, Esha, Sandy, Photographer, Klara, S.C, hema

    @Ranjana- No idea.. I guess India is not in their list of priority of relationship like Australia or UK

  10. excellent shots. My personal favorites are first two pictures.


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