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Plaza Cuartel-Japanese Garrison in Puerto Princesa

Plaza Cuartel is a sort of war memorial in the Palawan island of the Philippines. During the world war 2 on December 15, 1944, Japanese army set fire to buildings (air ride shelters) that housed America prisoners of war killing 143 Americans. Only 11 people survived the carnage.

If you opt for 600 PHP Half day Palawan city tour, you'll be spending significant amount of your time around Plaza Cuartel and the church nearby. I rode there on my rented scooter, spent about an hour here.

This statue at the centre of Plaza Cuartel signifies the struggle of PoWs.

There're many displays of historical photographs and information, explaining the war time life in Palawan.

The memorial is reportedly slated for a renewal. A set of colourful cycle rikshaws are present inside the Plaza Cuartel campus- only for visitors to get their photographs clicked.
The entrance to Plaza Cuartel

View of the ocean from Plaza Cuartel
What you see below is the biggest and most significant cathedral in Palawan- Immaculate Conception Cathedral.
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