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University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden in snow!

The Botanical Gardens is another place in Copenhagen, Denmark that I had not visited earlier. But this time I could enter the campus, though main building- the 1874 Glass House named "The Palm House" housing thousands of flora samples was closed.
The Copenhagen Botanical gardens is a large campus covering 10 hectares. I could only walk through a small portion of it. Enjoyed clicking some pics of snow

The botanical garden is part of University of Copenhagen Natural History Museum. An old Citroen Type H minibus, from 1960-70s, converted into a coffee shop and stationed permanently inside the Botanical Gardens

Two Chinese looking girls asked me to take their photos. Requested one of them to take my photo from my camera.
Someone promptly made a snowman...
Footsteps in snow
Few ducks were enjoying the sunshine...

Statue in the woods
Unfortunately I do not have summer pictures of this place. Hopefully next time.
During winter, Botanical garden is open from 8.30 AM till 4PM. During summer, 2 more hours till 6 PM. No entry fee. The green house has its own timings. 

Reaching Copenhagen Botanical Garden: Walkable from Norreport station, opposite Rosenborg Castle and closer to The Round Tower.


  1. Lovely post..check out for the Summer pictures..Copenhagen is a lovely city and very special, as Denmark happens to be the happiest country in the world :) Cheers!

  2. Truly Beautiful. Thanks for the post.

  3. LOVE the snowman :D So glad you got the snow!
    "Two Chinese looking girls" :p what is Chinese looking ! hehe

  4. @Divsi- not good at explaining that- sort of round faces.


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