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Win a Million JPMiles as part of Jet Airways Billion Miles Festival!

2020 update: We miss Jet Airways!

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Jet Airways, India’s popular domestic and international carrier is currently celebrating A Billion Miles Festival, on till end of March 2017. Millions of JP Miles are waiting to be disbursed among Jet Airways customers who book their flights during the offer period.
In case you’re wondering what is JPMiles, it is the Loyalty and rewards program from Jet Airways. As you pay and fly Jet Airways, you get to accrue these loyalty points and redeem them periodically for free flights or upgrades or other benefits.

How much JPMiles will you earn when you book with Jet Airways?
From my own previous travel history, below are the JPMiles I got. For a flight between Chennai and Mumbai, I got different JPMiles ranging from 322 to 805 depending on sub class and other factors.  Below stats are from my normal bookings in the past. In addition, there will be additional JPMiles on offer during the offer period (Example, 1500 JP Miles for every economy seat). And the best part is the opportunity to win the grand prize of 1 million JPMiles. (Note: Applicable only if you book on your own, not when booked via travel agent. I had a Chennai-Delhi flight on March 18 for the Tigor event booked by travel agent, got only some 800+ JP Miles) 
Besides flying, there are many other ways to earn JPMiles. From time to time, Jet Airways ties up with various brands- such as Holiday IQ, Tripadvisor etc and you can earn JPMiles against your contribution to these sites. I am guilty of not exploiting this option enough.
What can I do with 1 million JPMiles? What is it worth?
Your next question would naturally be, what are these JPMiles worth? What can I do if I win that grand prize of 1 million JPMiles?
Below is a simple illustration of what various tickets worth

Short haul domestic flights
Short flights like Chennai to Coimbatore, Mumbai-Goa, Delhi-Jodhpur etc return ticket in Economy class:  10000 JPMiles per person

Medium haul international/Domestic flights
·         Chennai- Colombo return in Economy:  22000 JPMiles
·         Or with 19k JPMiles, you can upgrade from Economy Flex to Première class
·         Chennai to Imphal (via Kolkata) return in Economy:  29000 JPMiles
·         Mumbai Kolkata return in Economy; 24000 JPMiles

International Long Distance flights
·         Chennai to Amsterdam/ Chennai-London and back for in Economy class:  1 lakh JPMiles per person
·         Chennai to Amsterdam/ Chennai-London and back for in First class:  2.5 lakh JPMiles per person
·         Delhi- London One way ticket in Economy: 42500 JPMiles
·         Chennai-Muscat return; 49000 JPMiles

What would I do if I had a million miles?
If that happens, it would be my ticket to conquer the world.

Trip 1: International Family trip to London:  4 people, 4 lakh JPMiles for economy return tickets.  UK has been on my wishlist for a long time. If I get an opportunity, first destination I would like to explore would be the United Kingdom (Wish we could use JPMiles to pay for expensive UK Visa- that has to be paid via cash unfortunately)

Trip 2: Vacation with spouse in Kashmir in luxury:  A round trip for 2 in Première class from Chennai to Srinagar and back would set me back by about 136000 JPMiles, from the 6 lakh JPMiles balance.

Trip 3: Canada here we come: Jet Airways flies to Canada and I have not been to Canada yet- Perfect combination.  A trip from Chennai to Canada and return for 2 pax will set me 348000 JPMiles (Now I will be left with 116000 JPMiles (1000000-400000-136000-348000)

Trip 4: Solo trip in Middle East: While I have travelled fair bit in Asia and Europe, haven’t explored Middle East much. Would love to use JPMiles opportunity and explore Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Fly to Dubai and back for about 90000 JPMiles, in Première class.
Despite my world trip with Jet Airways I will still be left with about 26000 JPMiles. I can either chose to have a few short trips to Goa/Kerala, or use it to redeem some gifts on the reward store. (To give an idea, a Philips headphone worth about Rs 500 can be redeemed for 3000 miles)

One main advantage of JPMiles is that miles required to fly to a destination doesn’t vary by date. If your travel is immediate, buying tickets by cash can be expensive, whereas redeeming JPMiles will be a lot sensible option. Why wait, head straight to JetAirways website, know more about “A Billion Miles” offer and book your next trip. All the best from my side.

Other things to remember: 

Keep an eye on Mileage expiry tab. The miles earned cannot be held forever, you need to keep making fresh bookings to avail these miles. Because of this post I realized that I have 250 JPMiles expiring end of this month. No idea how much I lost in already expired miles.
Disclaimer: All information as seen on JPMiles calculator at the time of composing this post. JPMiles requirements are subject to change at the discretion of the airline. This post is in association with Jet Airways. In-flight photos supplied by the brand. Content is my own and screenshots are from my own JPMiles account.
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