Japan Tourist Visa process for Indians

Japan Visa process for Indians is far easier than I had expected.  It was cheap, it was quick and it was simple (less documentation). In this post, I am explaining the process.
Where to apply?
Japan has 4 consulate office in India- Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. Details here

Only in Delhi, it is mandatory to go through VFS. In other cities, you can simply walk in directly to consulate and submit your papers. If you’re in other cities where consulate is not present, you can either make a short trip or need to use services of a travel agent.

Processing time: 3 days. You can collect it back on the 3rd business day.

Japan Visa Fees: Rs 440 (to be paid during collection)- VFS or travel agents may charge extra on top of this.

Key documents needed for Japan tourist visa
  •        Original passport + any old passports + photocopy of first and last page
  • .       Confirmed tickets
  • .       Hotel booking for all nights
  • .       Day wise travel plan/itinerary in specified format
  • .       Bank statement
  • .       Income tax return
  • .       Proof of employment, leave
  • .       Cover letter
  • .       Photo (45mm x 45mm, white background)
How soon to apply?
If you live in a metro that has Japanese consulate, even 7-10 days prior to travel date is fine, as it takes only 3 days. If you live in other cities and using agencies, keep extra time for courier etc. 2-3 weeks advance should be adequate. You will need Visa to buy JR Pass from a travel agency in person. Online you can buy without a physical visa copy.

Points to note:
Visa will be stamped on the passport – one page will be needed
Validity could be 4—6 months, but single entry. So try to make the most of one trip. There is a recent news that Indian businessmen can get long term multiple entry visa to Japan, but if you get multiple entry visa you can’t buy JR Pass, shooting up your travel cost within Japan by a large amount.

Mobile phones, laptops or bags will not be allowed inside. Either take a friend along who can hold them for you while you’re inside, or go in your car so that everything can be stored inside. Police booth outside the consulate may agree to safeguard your bag, if you request.

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  1. Good to hear about the simple process.

  2. Thanks for this info.. Happy to know that Japan visa process is simple. Can u pls elaborate on JR Pass ?

  3. @Vi Ra He
    JRPass means Japan Rail Pass, a tourist only weekly or fortnightly pass with unlimited rides on JR .. Cheaper way to commute intercity.

    Will write in detail after my trip

  4. Just one doubt: since I am an NRI, I never filed IT returns in India. In such case, can I skip tax return file?

  5. If you can explain it in a covering letter and show your income/tax proof in your resident country it should be good enough, but check with official sources for authentic information

  6. Hi,I am currently preparing for usmle to study in USA and not working and unemployed..Is it difficult to get tourist visa?

  7. Applicants can also demand for the extension of the tourist visa but in that case you view here require mentioning the clear intensions behind the extension of your visa proposal.

  8. Hi,

    You mentioned about specifying the detailed itinerary in some format.
    What should the format look like??

    Would you be able to help in sharing more details on this along with Covering letter format?

    Thanks much.


    1. Application form has a template for this- simple table with day, what is the plan, where will you be staying etc

      Cover letter also is a simple letter addressing the consular introducing yourself, your purpose of visit and request for visa. No specific format- idea of cover letter is that the official reviewing your file gets a quick summary in one shot.

  9. Hi Shrinidhi,

    I am an employee with the Private sector and not the Public or Govt Undertaking, do I still need the employment letter and leave application.

  10. Informative article.. Keep up the good work.

  11. its better to applying via agency? any plus point given by embassy while applying via agency

    1. If you're not in a city where Japan embassy is or you're too busy to visit in person then you have to apply via agency. else no advantages.


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