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Budget hotels near Port Blair Airport Andaman

Where to stay in Andaman?

If you’re planning a visit to Andaman, planning your stay in right location can simplify your trip to a great extent and also possibly save some money in transport.

In Port Blair and nearby, you can stay in following areas 
Option 1: Close to Airport/Central Port Blair area, within 1-3 kms range: Possibly walk from airport, walk to various Port Blair attractions like Jogger's Park, Cellular Jail, Gandhi Park, Aberdeen Bazaar etc.

Option 2: In islands such as Havelock: Good to spend a few nights here, but not on your day or arrival or day of departure as it is safe to keep some buffer for weather and be in Port Blair area on your day of arrival and departure.

Option 3: North Andaman or other far off places in Andaman/Port Blair- will need a taxi to reach, bit expensive but more private, isolated and possibly better experience than staying in city.

If it is your first visit or you're visiting for just a few days, best to stay closer to Airport/Junglighat area and explore around. If you have more time you can plan a few nights in islands such as Havelock or stay in North Andaman or other places in Andaman and Nicobar island chain.

If you are looking for cheap stay options close to Port Blair airport, here are your options, based on my personal stay and observations. (I've stayed at 3 different hotels in the area and have seen many more from close quarters though I didn't stay in all of them)

Keys Hotel: Keys Select Hotel Aqua Green is right opposite airport, but price on a higher side- like INR 5000-7000 a night, so could be slightly over budget. Hotel is good with a pool and other facilities though.

Lemon Grass:
About 1.6 kms from Port Blair Airport. Rental from Rs 800-1200 per night. We spent 3 nights here.
Check in 9 AM, Check out 8 AM- despite our booking confirmation saying 12 noon to 12 noon.
WiFi only during night- some 2 hours between 8 and 10 PM, practically useless speed.

Hotel is in 3rd floor, so lots of exercise to climb up and down- might be difficult for senior citizens. Lemon Grass hotel in Port Blair has about 10 odd rooms, basic breakfast is served (few slice of bread and a bit of Upma or other items). Cup of tea costs Rs 20. Rooms are very spacious.

Lemon Grass cost me under INR 900 when booked on Booking.com, but when I wanted to extend they quoted INR 1200 a night. Upon negotiation we were offered Rs 900 a night without breakfast. August is off-season hence rates are lower than normal.

Oyo P.S. Grand
Just a hundred meters down the road from Lemon Grass. Didn't stay here but can be considered

Hotel RNP
This one will be about 3 kms from Port Blair airport, beyond Jogger’s Park. We paid Rs 450 per night when booked through Booking.com, off season price. Walk in customers were quoted Rs 600 for same room though- Non AC price- No AC, No water heater. Rooms are just fine to kill a night.
Aberdeen market is about 2 kms from this hotel. I thought walkin customers may get better deal as hotels don't have to pay commission to portals, but someone situation in Andaman felt different. 
Other option: Hotel Ross View

We had stayed here last time- bit far from airport but close to Cellular Jail, Netaji Subash Chandra bose island etc. Check detailed view here.

Few more hotel names in Central Port Blair area is given below, obviously I've not stayed in each of them- do your research and use your discretion.

Hotel Name
Distance from airport
Approx rent per day (INR)
Keys Hotel
100 meters
Lemon Grass
1.6 kms
Aries Grand
3 kms
P S Grand
1.7 kms
Hotel RNP
2.9 kms
GKM Grand
2..7 kmps
King Safire
2.8 kms
Nagri Inn
300 meters
SKS Gold Mine
600 meters

Silversprings hotel
1.3 kms

A R Pride Residency
700 meters


Prices are indicative, may vary w.r.t time and season and booking website. Use your discretion.

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