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Short visit to Howth Oceanside from Dublin

Howth is a nice seaside town near Dublin. I made a short visit to Howth from Dublin on one of the evenings, when I had a few hours to spare after returning from Wicklow.

Howth has lots of things to offer- a scenic ocean side nature walk, a castle, a market and more. However due to limited time I had, I focused on the scenic nature walk. Got into Bus 30 from Dublin city centre which took me all the way till the Howth Peak. From here I had to walk a bit uphill to the car park from where the trail would begin.

Sunset views are super good at Howth, just be sure to be at right spot at right time.
Reaching Howth-
I took Bus 31, which reached after so many stops. Fare is about 2.5 Euros one way. Trains are also available. Bus route was pretty scenic.

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