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Five Famous Places in Mumbai not to be missed!

Mumbai draws millions of visitors each year- many come here in search of jobs, livelihood or opportunity to prove their talent. Others visit as a tourist or as a stopover to their final destination. Almost everyone in India got a few friends and relatives who stay in Mumbai and visiting them once a while is a nice thing to do and a great opportunity to explore Mumbai.

Here’s a list of famous spots in Mumbai you don’t want to miss out.

#1 Gateway of India
Gateway of India is undoubtedly the most popular landmark that defines Mumbai. Your visit to Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is incomplete without a selfie in front of Gateway of India. Adjacent to Gateway of India is the iconic Taj Palace hotels and towers. You can also plan a day trip to Elephanta caves from here, by buying a ferry ticket.

#2 Marine Drive
Most popular spot for Mumbaikars for morning walk and evening stroll. One of the longest in country, Marine drive is very scenic in the evening/night with sunset and lights.

#3 Churchgate & Oval Grounds:
Churchagate and adjacent areas are one of the oldest parts of Mumbai city. There’re lots of iconic buildings here worth visiting. India’s first Starbucks opened here, most of the British era office buildings are located here, Kala Ghoda art festival happens in this area, Bombay Stock Exchange Building is located here and so is one of the oldest cinema houses. So do plan a visit to Churchgate when you have half  day to spare.

#4 Sealink from Lands End
Bandra Worli Sealink is another icon of Mumbai- a suspension bridge connecting two popular suburbs of Mumbai over the sea. Sealink is best viewed from Lands End

#5 Sanjay Gandhi National Park
One of the largest green and forest areas inside Mumbai town, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a great visit- particularly Kanheri caves deep inside the forest. You can hike all the way or take a shuttle bus inside the park to reach the caves. Climbing on top of Kanheri caves also gives a great view of Mumbai city.

Besides tourist spots, Mumbai unique experiences also include crowded local train experience, seeing the dabbawalas, kaali-peeli (black n yellow) taxi, double decker bus, enjoying Vada-paav and much more.

Traveling to Mumbai:
Flight: Almost every airport in India has flight to Mumbai as it is a major hub for both domestic and international airlines. Flights from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, Kolkata to Mumbai, Coimbatore, Kochi, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad and every other major city in India is available all through the year at reasonable rates. Typical one way flight ticket between Ahmedabad and Mumbai costs around 2500-3000 INR, less if you can book in advance during a sale, a bit more if booked last minute. Given the time factor and affordability of flights, air travel remains most effective way to reach Mumbai from other parts of India.

Trains and Buses: If you’re staying only a few hundred kilometers away, it may be more economical and practical to take an overnight train/bus to Mumbai. Mumbai is well connected to all parts of South, central and North India through an extensive train network. CST or Chatrapati Shivanji Terminus is Mumbai’s most popular train station. A bullet train project is also in the making, connecting Mumbai to Gujarath’s capital Ahmedabad. Bullet train is expected to be operational within next few years. [2020 update: with new govt in Maharastra not very supportive of Bullet Train project, bullet trains may not materialize on schedule.

Stay in Mumbai- Mumbai has accommodation for all budget and comfort level. There’re budget rooms, hostels and capsule hotels (like this one in Sakinaka where I stayed earlier this year) that cost under a 1000 INR a day, to the super luxurious presidential suite in Taj Palace hotel that could set you back by a whopping 7 lakh rupees a night.

So when are you planning your visit to Mumbai?


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