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Hackney city farm, London

I made a quick visit to Hackney city farm in London.  This post is about the visit and if it is worth it.
While scouting for places to visit in London, Hackney city farm came to my attention. Its website showed lots of cute animals and visitors get to see them from close quarters. Entry was free and it wasn’t too far from my hostel, so I decided to begin my day visiting the farm. My idea was to pet some animals, see some animals not common in India and possibly take few good pictures.
But sorry to say my visit was a disappointment. The farm was too small, had too few animals, too far from the fence. Even the cat didn’t let me touch it. I fully understand animals are in no obligation to come close. I am not really complaining, but the idea is to set right expectation with the potential visitors. I only spent about an hour or two to reach this place, walk around and head to next stop so it is ok.

Below are some photos of the farm.

Next to the Hackney farm is a recreational park. You can extend your visit to walk around in the park.

Official website: https://hackneycityfarm.co.uk/about/animals

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