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Padma Ubud- An exquisite Resort in Bali

Padma Ubud resort is where we spend our first night in Bali during the recent trip. From the moment since we stepped out of the minibus till the moment we left, it was a great experience and treat to our eyes.

This post aims to show you the grandeur of the Padma Ubud resort. You should consider Padma Ubud for your luxury stay in Ubud, Bali.

The Infinity Swimming Pool at Padma Ubud
Let me begin with the pool. Room and other photos can wait. Infinity swimming pool that stretches across the edge of the hill with view of the mountains is very exciting. A live bar exists right next to the pool so that you can sip your drink right inside the pool. Another thing I obviously loved is the availability of coocnut trees- right inside the pool, right next to the pool, near the pool, around the pool.

This is the way to the pool..

But turn back and you will be treated to this amazing view. This glass roof walkway to the pool is extremely photogenic. Took lots of photos.

Pool side bar

Kids Pool with mini waterfall

There's a restaurant and bar closer to the pool, so your relaxing gets much more pleasurable. Gym and spa facilities are also closer to the pool.

The rooms at Padma Ubud:
Rooms are luxurious, come with all modern facilities. The room is designed such that even from bath tub you can see the scenery outside.

Our room simply had a garden view. Best are the ones that have pool view

All standard facilities are available- safety locker, bathing suites, chappals, TV, telephone, coffee maker etc.

The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge
The Puhu restaurant at the 4th floor overlooks the hills, with full 180 degree view. We had our breakfast here. Totally scenic and delightful experience. Food options were great, but as usual nothing much for vegetarians. Managed with bread toast, fruits, cereals and such stuff.

Notice the donut shaped overhead lamps in the restaurant.

Watermelon bread was interesting.

Club Lounge, situated next to the restaurant but in the corner is exclusive for Club room guests. It gets a library, bar, more spacious seating and great view.

There are other dining outlets in Padma Ubud but our plan didn't include any lunch/dinner here. Below- a selfie with fellow bloggers at Padma Ubud-from left to right- Swati Jain, Manjulika Pramod and Dipanshu Goyal.

The jogging track
There's an amazing jogging track/nature trail around the Padma Ubud resort. Though we had very limited time, I managed to squeeze in a walk till the river and back. Nice Bamboo trees, a bamboo bridge, fresh pineapples, green surroundings- total bliss.. If you're staying in Padma Ubud don't waste all your time inside the room. Get out and explore the surroundings

Above: A small river that flows near the Padma Ubud resort
Common areas in Padma Ubud, Bali
Padma Udud has gread architecture and landscaping. Anywhere you took, it is a treat to your eyes. Check some of my photos below

Below: Inside the elevator!

Above; Corridor and walking path

Fishes in the pond are always hungry. Take anything close to water and they jump out with mouth wide open.
Musical treat
We had a musical welcome, with traditional instruments. The instrument you see in photo below is known as Rindik
Do watch my 90 seconds video below to listen to the music.  [Direct Link]

Activities to try at Padma Ubud
Resort guests can try various activities offered by Padma Ubud at pre-defined timings. Some of the activities are;
  1. Yoga Sessions
  2. Cycling into village
  3. Nature walk
  4. Fish feeding
etc. Please refer to the printouts kept in your room or check with reception for activities available during your stay and timings/where to report. Unfortunately ours was a super short stay, couldn't experience these activities.

Points to note
  • Bathroom doors need some effort to close.
  • Padma Ubud is far from city centre, but free shuttle operates multiple times a day to Ubud market area.
  • Tap water is not potable.

There were few mini temples as well, within resort campus. Overall Padma Ubud is a great option to stay in luxury amidst nature, if you have a budget of 13-17k INR per day.

Booking your stay at Padma Ubud:
You can use following widget to book your rooms. There're multiple hotels and resorts with same name (Padma) and this can confuse you. Refer the photos shown. Padma Ubud's rates start at around 13000 INR a night for the twin rooms. Slightly expensive club rooms start at around 17000 INR per night, both non refundable fares. Prices are indicative and may change over time. Please check or with hotel website for latest.

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