Earlier blogposts on Bali, Indonesia- Refresher - eNidhi India Travel Blog

Earlier blogposts on Bali, Indonesia- Refresher

I am heading to Bali tonight, on invitation from Indonesia Tourism and Malindo Air.

This will be my second visit to Bali- first visit was in October last year. This time looking forward to explore few places I couldn't visit last time. Please follow me on instagram (@enidhi) for latest photos.

In the meanwhile, this post provides some quick refresher on some of the interesting posts about Bali I've already published

1. Rice terraces of Bali
Bali is popular for its rice terraces. Vast paddy fields are treat to eyes. I visited two of them during my previous trip. Jatiluwih Rice Terrance and Tegalalang Rice Terrace

2. Waterfalls of Bali
Visited 3 waterfalls in Bali- GitGit waterfalls  * Tegenungan * And the 3rd one I am yet to write about.
Multi stage git git twin waterfalls

3. Temples of Bali
Bali has several iconic Hindu temples, many of them on the edge of a rock/close to ocean, adding to the scenery.

Some of them I've already blogged about: Uluwatu TempleMonkey Forest and Sanctuary (Monkey Temple), Ubud * Taman Ujung water PalaceBesakih temple

Few more temples, I've not blogged yet.

4. Planning your Bali trip
I've written few posts that help you plan your Bali trip well. Some of them are:
5. Miscellaneous posts
Exploring mount Batur (I couldn't climb it but rode in the neighborhood)

Budget hotel in Kuta where I stayed-quick review

Do enjoy these and other posts, while I try to bring latest updates and more stories from Bali, Indonesia


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