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Curious case of a secret waterfall in Bali! [Identified: Colek Pamor]

Update: Thanks to Kudpi Raj for successfully identifying this waterfall. The name is Pamor, Colek Pamor!

Bali has hundreds of beautiful waterfalls hidden in the wrap of nature. Last year, when I was exploring Bali on a rented scooter, Scoopy, I happened to visit a really really beautiful waterfall. My original target was Git Git waterfalls in northern Bali. But somehow I missed the turn for Git Git and ended up proceeding further. Another 5-10 kms further up north, I saw some signage indicating a waterfall and turned left. I ended up inside someone's private property. When I asked them about waterfall, they asked me to park the moped and walk further. 600 meters was the distance told to me, but I guess I would have walked about 2 kms total to reach the waterfalls. 20000 IDR was collected as parking fee from me.

The walk to the falls included slippery path, steep steps, crossing bamboo bridge and so on. I saw a board displaying the name of the waterfall and direction. I took a photo of it on the mobile phone, but unfortunately my earlier Lenovo phone had some issues- it didn't save many of the photos from the trip, so I lost that name plate click. If I remember correctly it had about 6 letters and began with either p or b. (I could be wrong as well)

After long long was I reached the waterfalls- the picture you see above- totally captivating, no one else around. What you see in the pic is the main waterfalls, there were couple of smaller ones at a distance, which again I'd clicked on mobile but lost it.

I spent a few moments at this waterfall and returned. I was told Git Git is separate one- I rode back and visited Git Git waterfalls next.

Above n below: Path to the unidentified waterfalls- some of the images that didn't vanish.

Back in India, when I wanted to blog about this waterfall, I made an attempt to trace its name. But no success.

1. Tried Reverse Image Search- no luck.
Tried reverse image search on google. No luck. Google identified it as a waterfall and also showed some pictures of similar waterfalls, but none of them were in the location of this waterfall (around 5-10 kms from Git Git, north and few kms away from main road)

2 Tried Google Maps and Earth- no luck
Tried to scan the area north of Git Git waterfalls along the road trying to locate this waterfalls on maps. No luck. There are few other waterfalls like Aling Aling waterfalls etc. But not the one I had visited

3. Asked an official tour guide- 
During my recent trip, I got to interact with a tour guide. I asked him to identify this waterfalls. He said it is Sudamala waterfalls. But Wanagiri village where Sudamala is located is much South of Git Git, so I am not convinced.

4. Scanned the net for list of Bali's waterfalls, 
There're many lists online listing secret waterfalls of Bali, top 10 waterfalls of Bali and so on. Tried to match if anyone of the waterfalls listed there looks similar to the above waterfall. No luck.

5. Have posted a question on Quora
Let me see if anyone can identify this over there [Quora link here]

So below is the fact I have about this waterfall
1. It is in Northern Bali, around 5 to 10 kms north of Git Git waterfalls
2. It is to the left of the highway (Raya Bedugul-Singaraja road)
3. At least 1.5- 2 kms from main road, no easy access
4. You've to cross the river on Bamboo bridge to reach this waterfalls
5. One main waterfalls as shown above plus few others nearby
6. One word name, around 6 to 7 letters, not longer
7. My gut feeling of its approximate location is shown in diagram below
Lesson learnt: Cross check if image is saved on your phone or take multiple photos or from different devices..

If you can identify this waterfall let me know.
If not it is perfectly fine. Let it remain unknown. On my next visit, whenever that may happen, I will try to revisit this place.

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