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Tanah Lot- Bali's most popular temple complex

Tanah Lot is the most popular temple in Bali. (Uluwatu is#2)

During my October 2016 visit, I came here during day time morning half- wasn’t aware that this side of Bali is best for its sunset. Waiting till sunset meant missing exploring other places so had to leave. It is also most expensive temple in Bali to visit (60000 IDR per person entry fee, 20000 IDR parking fee for bikes, total about 500 Rs INR).

During last week’s trip we visited again, this time in the evening hoping for some sunset. But as luck would have it, we got rain and colourful umbrellas were everywhere.

Pura Batu Bolong
The most photogenic part of Tanah Lot temple complex is Pura Batu Bolong or Batu Bolong temple. But tourists are not allowed to go inside. It is possible to go down to the beach under this rock.

Tanah Lot Temple
This is the main Tanah lot temple- again visitors can only see it from outside and can't go up.

Sacred freshwater spring: A fresh water spring exists among the rocks of Pura Tanah lot. Local priests expect a donation if you go there to drink water.

Cultural Programs
Cultural programs and dances take place during evenings, mostly during festive season. On the day of our visit the katak dance was cancelled due to rain. Do check for possibility of Kecak dance during your visit. During my last year's visit I saw below preparations for some sort of Puja.
Lots of shops exist enroute to Tanah lot- targeting the tourist crowd. One shop was selling tender coconut for INR 15000 which I term now reasonable. (IDR 10000 was my benchmark price but was finding it hard to locate shops that sell at this price)

Sea View Restaurant

A restaurant with view of the ocean exists inside Tanah Lot complex.

Some umbrella photos!

From left to right- Blogger Swati Jain, Dipanshu Goyal, Manjulika Pramod and Johann Binny Kuruvilla
Dipanshu Goyal above and Manjulika Pramod, below
More umbrellas!
Tanah Lot Entrance, October 2016 with my rented Scoopy!

VW Open Top Jeep Ride- try it in Bali if you're interested

Pura Luhur Pakendungan
A few hundred meters away from Tanah lot, towards north, lies another temple complex known as Pura Luhur Pakendungan. Nothing very exciting about it- I spotted it while I was roaming around randomly on the scoopy.

Few More photos

Overall the Tanah lot temple complex is worth a visit due to its natural beauty and scenery. No dress code is mandated here unlike few other temples. Don't just visit the main rock and return, explore
nearby areas also. Will I get third time lucky for sunset view at Tanah lot-only time can say!

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  1. its pretty beautiful place, amazing pictures

  2. Even without the high tide, this looks so lovely. Post got me a little nostalgic. :)

  3. As you said it is the beautiful place and particularly in the sunset,luckily when i was in Bali planned for evening visited in the evening and enjoyed the sunset. Even the surrounding is very livley lot of local shopping will be nice experience and we get very good items at very cheap price.

    1. Great that you could plan well. May be my next visit hope to be lucky

  4. Awesome design of the temple, lovely post and beautifully captured.

  5. The temple complex is really beautiful. Hope to be there some day

  6. amazing place and picture are so good . great post thanks for sharing.

  7. You brought back lovely memories from the rainy day at Tanah Lot. Thank you for sharing my pictures too. These colorful umbrellas added more colors to the well-spent day in Bali. I hope the volcano thing ends soon and the island get backs to normalcy soon.


    1. My pleasure.. Airport has reopened now, hopefully mountain will calm down


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