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Sra Nang Manora waterfalls, Phang Nga Bay, Phuket

Sra Nang Manora nature park and waterfalls is a calm, pleasant area to visit in Phang Nga Bay area, about 100 kms from Phuket. This post shares some photos and information about this waterfalls, based on my visit during August 2017.

Sa Nang Manora, being 100 kms from Phuket, may not be worth doing an exclusive trip. But if you're visiting Phang Nga area and have some free time  (like I had because I visited James Bond Island on my own, instead of a package tour), or if you're going by road from Phuket to Krabi (or vice versa) or if you are willing to spare a day to explore Phang Nga area (other places to visit nearby listed here) then Sa Nang Manora falls is definitely worth a visit.

Some key reasons why Sa Nang Manora waterfalls is worth a visit
  1. Very less crowd as this place is far from city
  2. No entry fee
  3. No parking fee
  4. Waterfalls at multiple level- suitable for all ages
  5. Visitors can trek along the river for a few kms, experiencing deep rainforest, a two kms long nature trail exists
Some photos

 There were few dozen tourists at this section which is safest area to take a dip.
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