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Montigo Resort Seminyak Bali-Photos and Review!

Montigo Resort in Seminyak, Bali is where we spent 2 nights during last week's Bali trip. This post shares our experience about the resort.

Breakfast by the swimming pool
The main attraction for me was the concept of dining by the pool. You can either sit on a chair facing the swimming pool or you can sit right inside the swimming pool and enjoy your breakfast. I tried the former, while later would have been more fun.

The Swimming pools
Montigo resort, Seminyak Bali has a total of 3 swimming pools. First one you've seen above- right next to the breakfast area

Second one is below- largest, 1.2 meters deep on one side, 1.8 on the other. Most private of the 3 pools. The pools have some flotation devices (like thermocol packed in a bag) on which you can simply float around if you wish.

The 3rd one is small and located amidst the residential blocks. Less privacy (visible from most room windows)

The rooms at Montigo Resorts
Rooms are not the most exciting part at Montigo Resort Seminyak. Compared to Padma Ubud, this one failed to excite us. We were given rooms in family block. Family units have 2 bed rooms and a common living area
Above: Bedroom at Montigo Resort
Below: Common living room
We were given room 5102. Had to clear access twice- once for the main door that opens to living area and one more for actual bed room. Someone had inserted a paper piece inside the key card holder, completing the circuit and illuminating the room as we entered. There was no need to insert the key!

The Family room has 2 bed rooms, not clearly marked. If I am to order something, I would have tough time explaining to which room it has to be delivered.

Using coffee maker was not easy either. There was no power socket available on the main table, so had to keep the kettle on the floor to connect to some other power point.

USB charging was good feature. The footwear provided were of good quality- proper Hawai chappal, good for use outdoors as well. (compared to paper thin bathroom chappals provided in other hotels

Toilet didn't have water jet. Padma Ubud had.

Bath tub design is not good. The lid on the hole that sucks water out is at the centre of the tub and gets open again n again due to body weight. If the lid was at a corner or had a different opening mechanism it would have been better.

Room entrance had an automatic light, which was good, but it would turn on automatically during day time also, which is not necessary

No Private beach:
Most resorts closer to sea will have private beach. Montigo Ubud doesn't seem to have one. Space behind the beach is occupied by someone else, so no easy access to beach exists. One has to take a longer detour to access beach area.

Spa was good. Though I almost slept during the entire session due to exhaustion from day full of activities.

Common areas

A wall art full of fishes
Spotted a snail one morning

Corridors and other units

Coconut trees in campus

The Volkswagen Souvenir shop
When I first this VW Camper van parked next to the gate of Montigo Resort I didn't know its purpose. But next morning I saw that it is actually a souvenir shop.

A scooter with side car at the TIIGO restaurant was interested. Got some pics clicked on it. On the rider's seat in below pic is blogger Swati Jain
Early morning sky above the resort
Vespa for rent
Montigo Resorts have Vespa scooters for rent. Both old hand gear one and newer automatic ones. Rental priced at IDR 100000 per day, about twice what I had paid for Scoopy [Read Bali Bike rental experience]
Scenic walkway
During check in they asked to keep our passport and return next morning, because scanning would take time during group check in. It wasn't very comforting assurance so I waited for them to finish scanning.

There's a dedicated kids activity area.

Overall our stay was fine. But I am not sure if Seminyak is the best place to stay in Bali. People stay in Kuta because it is closer to airport, because of popular shopping options and beach activities, Sanur to catch nice sun rise or to take boat to other islands, Ubud as it is close to lots of places of interest in central Bali or Nusa Dua area popular for its spacious resorts. Seminyak I couldn't find any strong reason to stay. Not sure if I am missing something. Use your discretion. However if you chose to, do check out Montigo Resorts

Pricing: Montigo Resort prices start at about INR 10000 a night or USD 150 for double occupancy rooms. The 2 bedroom family suite where we stayed costs about 18000 INR (sleeps 4)
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