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Tata Nexon Chennai Update: Onroad price, Waiting Period, variants

Quick break from Bali related posts. I visited Tata Motors showroom in Chennai today, to check on the Nexon- to check its on road price, variant wise features and waiting period.

This post provides you those updates if you're evaluating purchase of new Tata Nexon in Chennai

Tata Nexon On Road Price in Chennai
Nexon on road price ranges from 7 lakhs to 11 lakhs. Below photo has complete breakup.
Note that ST stands for Single tone (single colour) and DT for Dual tone. DT is availabble in Red and blue only, with top portion getting gray colour.

Tata Nexon waiting period in Chennai
Waiting period is only a week or two if you're flexible on colour. If you're very particular about top end variant and dual tone colour then you may have to wait from 4 to 8 weeks.

Tata Nexon Variants
Nexon is introduced in 4 variants. The test drive vehicle didn't have a wearable fob that we had during media drive. Apparently that is not part of the standard car, it is an optional accessory. Not listed below-Only top end variants will get wider 210mm tyres, Others will get narrower tyres

Tata Nexon Mileage
For diesel, 18 kmpl is the certified mileage. Sales person said feedback from customers indicate city mileage of 13-15kmpl and highway mileage of 21 kmpl

Nexon was launched late September, about 2 months ago. I was told only about 40 Tata Nexons have been delivered so far. Most deliveries are likely to happen late November, early December, after which we can expect to see some Nexons on the road.

I was surprised to see the below display in Tata Motors showrooms- felt proud!
Tiago seems to be doing well for Tata Motors- saw many of them lined up for delivery.

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