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The Pool Huts-Ultra luxurious suite with private pool- Orange County Kabini

The pool huts are the expensive of the two room types available in Orange County Kabini. The other one being Jacuzzi hut, will be detailed in a separate post. While I was originally booked for Jacuzzi hut, I got an upgrade to Pool Hut for my last night. In this post I am sharing photos of the Pool Hut option and detailing its uniqueness, mainly over Jacuzzi Hut.

 Outside pictures
The Kabini campus of Orange County is conceptualized with a wildlife theme, so the outside views of the huts can be quite deceiving. They don't hint much about the luxury inside. In other words these huts are an example of how you can live grand without having to show it off. Below are two exterior photos of the Pool Hut. Can you guess the blogger in the picture?
Below- River view (in summer river is a bit far but post monsoon the view will be more greener and scenic. Unfortunately I couldn't spend the evening in the room when sunset was in progress. I was at the riverside, so missed clicking sunset from room.

Key benefits/added features of Pool Hut compared to Jacuzzi Hut
  1. A private pool- 4.5 ft deep
  2. River View
  3. More spacious rooms- living, bedroom and bath
  4. Located towards the periphery of the resort- more solitude (but more walking will be required
  5. Total of 17 chairs (Jacuzzi hut gets 13)
  6. More premium drinking water tap
The living areas

Living area gets an open outlet that lets air and sun rays 
The bedroom

While RO drinking water unit is in the living room, a jug with glasses is kept near the bedroom, for easy access to drinking water in the night.
Decorative table lamps and fans

Notice the wooden touch everywhere. Wardrobe is well equipped with locker, bath gowns, laundry bags and more. Only the bedroom gets AC. But the indoor AC unit is cleverly hidden in the ceiling to give a feel as if it is central AC. A smart climate control panel can be used to control the AC. Living area gets only fan. But the fan is also a custom made one with vintage look. The manual sliding lock for the door is so retro style and is foolproof!

The Bathroom
One can see the pool from the window of bathroom

As you can see, plastic is totally avoided throughout the room. The Pool and the rooms are cleaned at least 2 times a day. It was a pleasant sight to go to sleep with river outside my window. Though just for one night, my stay here in the lap of nature will be memorable for me.

The lamps look like a retro lantern. Few paintings/art works with forest inspiration add to the ambiance. Couple of sandooks or large storage boxes are also again retro feel.

Pool Huts are meant for 2 adults. Additional occupants will be charged- Rs 3500 for kids, Rs 5000 for adults. Pool Hut weekday rental can be about INR 37000 for single occupancy, 40000 for double occupancy. This amount includes all 3 meals, tea and snacks, access to all resort facilities such as infinity pool, kids area etc, select activities (Coracle ride, guided tours etc are included, Safari is not included- a separate post is coming up about OCR Kabini activities.)

I had a luxurious night in Orange County Kabini's pool hut. Badly missing my private pool!

The pool huts cost about 10k more per day compared to Jacuzzi huts. You can use below search box to check availability, rates and book. You can also check directly on Evolve Back's official website- they promise Rs 4000 worth credits for future use and an offer to match the rate if any other website is offering lower.
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  1. ultra luxurious... if only I had 40k a night to spare


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